Must-Try Experiences for Your 2017 Travel Bucketlist

2017 Travel Bucketlist World Juanderer

It’s true that traveling these days only takes a few minutes of browsing the internet. You jot down attractions, pull up prices, check reviews—the digital age practically made everything easy to DIY.

Be that as it may,  in order for you to really prepare for every aspect of your vacation, you need to go beyond your computer screen and do the actual legwork. Luckily, you can get someone else to do this for you like World Juanderer, a travel consulting company that specializes in providing excellent travel experiences.

“World Juanderer is made up of well-experienced travelers who understand what it takes to have a great traveling experience,” shares World Juanderer Travel Specialist Gabriel San Pedro. “It’s all about understanding our clients, particularly their interests, preferences, expectations and passion, their motivation for exploring the world, and then tailoring a seamless experience around these things.”

With the resource they got from their satisfied clients they have come up with a list of the the must-try experiences for your 2017 travel bucketlist.

The Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya


Get the best of African luxury in this one-of-a-kind immersive experience. Not only do you get to stay in this colonial era manor-style guesthouse, you can also boast of having had breakfast with the wilderness as gentle giraffes stoop down to join you in your feast.

The Outdoor Sauna in the Swedish Lapland


Take a plunge into icy relaxation and bring yourself to a peaceful meditative state. Cleanse your mind and body as you engage in the ten-step Scandinavian Jukkasjärvi sauna ritual

The Lavender Fields at Le Château du Bois in France

Lavender Field- Chateau France

Stay in a private Chateau and witness the magnificent view of the iconic lavender fields in bloom. Catch a glimpse of its spectacular beauty. Let your sight follow the intense blue landscape as it stretches out to the horizon.

A Romantic View of Italy’s Lake Como from the Bellagio

Lake Como 2

Unwind from the daily grind and stay at The Pearl of Lake Como, the Bellagio. Enjoy an exquisite view of the lake, astunningpanorama that launched a million sighs.

Take a Dip in a Pool of Merlot at Hakone, Japan

Redwine spa-japan

Nothing says luxury more than a relaxing dip on a pool of red wine. Head to The Yunesson Spa Resort to experience a different kind of therapeutic cleansing.

Explore Marine Life on the Underwater Seascapes of Maldives

Maldives under water

Go on atropical getawaythat takes you diving to seethe marine life in the Coral Garden and the Big Head Reefs of Maldives.Take an equatorial cruiseandsavor the catch of the day as they cook it right at the boat.

Cross the world’s highest glass-bottomed bridge in China


Get over your fear of heightsby crossing a bridge made up of 99 panes of three-layered transparent glass that connects two mountain cliffs known as the Avatar mountains.

Spend a night in a room made of ice at the ICEHOTEL

Ice Hotel

Check in at the ICEHOTEL’s art suitesin Sweden,each of which areindividually hand carved by ice sculptors commissioned from around the world.

See Easter Island’s Ancient Statues Up-close in Chile


Take travel selfies around Chile with thestoic moai statue of Easter Island. Carved out of volcanic rock by the ancient Rapanui people, the monumental attractions are nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Go on an Island Getaway in Capri, Italy

Take a boat ride and explore the Blue Grotto, a stunning natural sea cave, up-close. Go onachairlift ride from Piazza Vittoriai to the peak of Mount Solaro andenjoy breathtakingviews ofthe island and surrounding sea.

Take a Mediterranean Summer Adventure in Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca, Spain

Take a blissfulbeachfrontvacation and enjoy the best of coastal living as you wake up to postcard-perfect views and sample island cuisine in Mallorca’ssoulful hill towns.

Party the Night Away at Ultra Music Festival Japan

Ultra - Japan

Go on a wild night of party music and dancing as theworld’s top EDM DJ’s gather to entertain crowds of music festival goers in this year’s Ultra Music Festival in Japan.

Catch the World’s Biggest DJs Perform at Tomorrowland in Belgium

Tomorrowland - Belgium

Not only is Belgium a paradise for food lovers, it is also where you can party at one of biggest dance music festival on the planet, Tomorrowland.

Visit Atlanta and Party at Tomorrow World

Tomorrow World - Atlanta

Over 300 DJs from around the world is set to perform in this year’s TomorrowWorld, Georgia’s own electronic music festival that combines nature with music, good vibes and spectacular visuals.

Build Clay Houses for the Poor by Volunteering in Namibia

Namibia - clayhouse
Go for a different kind of adventure by going on your first Voluntourism assignment. Get involved with The Namibia Clay House Project and help construct clayhouses in Otjiwarongo, Namibia.

Those are just some of the experiences you canenjoy when you go fora worry-free holiday courtesy of World Juanderer. And if you think that what they offer is reserved only for those who can spend extra, think again. “We’ve also got affordable packages to some of the most visited destinations abroad,” Gabriel adds.

For more information about World Juanderer, please visit or send an email to or call 3287999 local 110.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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