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If you have a disposable Php45,000.00 in your hands right now, where would this money go?

Would you use it as a downpayment for a brand new car? Would you buy a new gadget that you wanted to have for so long? Or use it to visit a destination on your travel bucklist? Or buy a new house and lot?

BellaVita Alaminos
Yes. Your 45,000 pesos can get you a brand new house and lot at one of Ayala Land Inc. socialized housing projects, BellaVita. I recently visited one of their properties in Alaminos Laguna and it made me want to buy a couple of units.

BellaVita Alaminos

BellaVita Alaminos
Compared to other socialized housing where there’s one too many houses connected to each other, at BellaVita there’s maximum of 4 or 6 units joined together on Poli Inner units, 2 units conjoined together on Poli End and Gemelli Duplex units. Which means more space and privacy for the unit owner.

At Bellavita, a Poli Inner unit with a size of 22square meter floor area and 33 square meter lot area cost Php450,000.00. They accept P3,000 reservation fee, 10% deposit (which is Php45,000) and monthly amortization is Php3,500 with monthly association dues of less than Php500.00.

BellaVita Alaminos

BellaVita Alaminos
If you compute what I just said about the monthly amortization of Php3,500.00 that’s about the amout you spend for a month at Starbucks or even more! If you cut on that Starbucks fix then you can pay for your monthly amortization!

Bigger units with 50sqm lot area at BellaVita starts at Php650,000.00 – Php850,000.00 no units in Bellavita cost over Php1M because this is part of the requirement for every realty deveoloper to have socialized housing at least 20% of it on every realty property development they build. Which is a good cause to make owning a house easy for everyone.

BellaVita Alaminos
Meanwhile with the other options as to car and travel here’s what I think:

Car downpayment? No. Do you have a parking slot? Do you know anything about car maintenance? Can you drive? Personally, I won’t invest on a car in Metro Manila with this type of traffic we have . I’m happy to commute anyway with Grab and Uber, soon Lyft and Wunder is coming as well. I can have different cars all the time.

As for traveling, yes. Travelling is always a yes to me. Nobody can ever give you the satisfaction of being in a new place and taking home new memories and experience with you.

A house on the other hand is if I wanted to leave something for those I will leave behind then owning a house and lot is a good investment.

It all depends on our priorities in life. Some live in the moment with no long term plan. Let the future worry by itself. Live today that’s all that matters. This is the millenial mindset and there is nothing wrong about it. With all the crazy things happening in this world, we all should live in the today because tomorrow is uncertain. One freak accident can cut our life short.

BellaVita Alaminos
Anyway, if you want a tripping or know more about any property BellaVita offers visit

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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