My Street High Street Pop-up Playground : Where Kids are Encouraged to Play on the Street

My Street Hugh Street Pop-up Playground BGC

When I was a child we didn’t have the luxury of the internet. The only place we made friends (and occassional enemies) was  our school, church or the street where we live in and nearby streets as well.

It was safe back then. I recall how all the kids in our village know each other. When there is power outage at nighttime, what we called blackout then (brownout if it happens daytime), all the kids in the neighborhood go out and play under the light of the moon and stars! We play all sort of street games.

It was a trip down memory lane when I dropped by at the 9th Street of Bonifacio Global City (BGC) this Sunday with my family. I saw a couple of familiar childhood street games in one venue and I can’t help but play!

My Street High Street Pop-up pPlayground at the BGC 9th street of Bonifacio Global City in Taguig that will be happening every Sunday starting March 3,2017 .



It will be there to educate and get the kids of this generation . Get them acquainted with the old school games we used to play when internet was just a science fiction dream. This will encourage them to unplug and rediscover the joys of playing in the streets, high streets of BGC!

While going around the play area, there was a young girl who was following us around. My sister and I took turns playong and taking photos and/or videos of each other. She wanted to learn how to play the games!

First game she watched me and my sis was the giant pick-up sticks. All other kids in the area were interested in learning. I showed them we do it and they all eagerly watch.

Next was the Chinese Garter. Kids were playing it like it was a limbo rock stick or jump skip with one leg over the chinese garter like ten-20. So i showed them how to do it. They tried but can’t!

My Street Hugh Street Pop-up Playground BGC

Next game I played was the giant Jack Stones. The girl told me,”I dont know how to play jack stones.”
I was happy to teach her the mechanics of the game. She even made clarifications “Oh! So the ball has to bounce once on the floor before I pick up a thing?” Yes, I said. She learned so fast and played although it was a bit difficult to fetch with giant balls and stones haha!

My Street High Street Pop-up Playground at BGC

I am elated to know that BGC being one of the high-end commercial/business/culture district in Metro Manila decided to open or rather close their streets so that kids and kids at heart can utilize them to bond with their family and bring back the joys of being unplugged on a weekend . Get physical, interract and meet new friends in person physically and bond with the family and friends outside the four corners of their homes and tablets or cellphones.

Kudos Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation for this wonderful My Street High Street Pop-up Playground BGCitizens project , I hope it catches on everywhere else! Let’s all unplug and play on the street!

See you there every week. Maybe we should play or I will teach your kids to play Siato or Agawang Base next haha!

Stay gorgeous eveyrone!

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