Are All Eggs Created Equal? Organic Egg vs. Regular Egg

Organic Egg VS Regular Egg

How can you actually distinguish the difference of an organic / all-natural egg to the regular ones we all buy and ate from the grocery or at the restaurant we just dined?   IDK!

For all I know, I thought eggs are all created the same. They are all laid by a hen and that’s that.

I didn’t know that how a chicken was raised has to do anything with the kind of egg it will lay. had no idea.

So, I got my first organic / all natural / fresh eggs from Healthy Options and the first thing I notice was the color of the shell.  It is not pure white,  the shell is pinkish,  kinda tan sort of shade. Like a powder blush tint.

Would there be any difference inside? As for the smell, the taste, the color, the fluffiness when cooked?    I investigated.

Here is a video of me comparing the Organic Egg vs. Regular Egg.  I cracked the shell,  I sniffed,  I cooked and ate it.  Watch:



Just to let you know, the big difference of an organic egg from Healthy Options vs regular egg we buy from the grocery or market is that the kind of chicken/hen that laid them. Organic eggs are laid by free-range chickens/hens who van freely roma around the farm find whatever eat like worms, plants etc. While regular eggs from the market are usually from factory produced hens who are del with feeds and artificial hormone . Theyvare also locker inside cages with all other factory news chicken bread and raised as and for their food sources.

Now, if you will ask me which do I recommend? It is up to you really. If you hve the money to spend to live healthy and support proper poultry farming, by all means get Organic Egg! But if you just have enough to sustain you and your family on a pay day basis, get the regular ones. Or well there are so-called Omega Rich, or Vitamin E enriched eggs in the groceries.  Your guess is as good as mine as to determining if it really has have what they claim on the lable it contains. How will we know as consumers that their claims on the lable are true? It’s up to the manufacturers conscience and Honesty in advertising.

As far as I know an egg a day is good for you. Unless you are allergic to it!

How about you guys, can you tell is what you know about the difference of organic eggs vs regular eggs? And what changed inside you since switching to organic?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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