Gorgeous Finds: Lorys Deep Moisturizing Hair Cream Review

I’ve been asking around about which hair care treatment would anyone want to have as often as possible if money wasn’t an issue and most of them answered a hot oil treatment or a hair spa.  I guess this is because everyone wanted to keep their hair soft, smooth, shiny and hydrated.

When I was approached to try out Lorys Hair Cream I did not hesitate I’ve heard they have a world-class Brazilian hair spa treatment.

I believe all hair products works you just have to find the right product that goes well with your hair type and your lifestyle.

Product Info:
Lorys Deep Moisturizing Hair Cream is imported from Sther Cosmetics in Brazil and is exclusively distributed by RJ Tech here in the Philippines. Lorys Hair Cream is new in Manila its been here from Brazil for 2 months only so its fairly new. It has five different variants to cater to five different hair type and conditioning: Fruit Cocktail, Ceramides, Duo Chocolate, Snake Oil and Shea Butter.

Fruit Cocktail is made for all hair type to make hair softer and shinier than ever.
Fruit Cocktail IMG_9908

Ceramides is made for dull/opaque and damaged hair to  strengthen it and give life and shine to dull hair.

Duo Chocolate has thermal activated silicone for the deep moisturizing needed by damaged and sensitive hair.
Duo Chocolate

Snake Oil is perfect for those with damaged and chemically treated hair as it was developed to protect, restore and condition such hair type.
Snake Oil

Shea Butter was developed to deeply treat and condition curly and dry hair.
Shea Butter

How to use:
You can use Lorys Hair Cream in two ways, one as a regular daily hair conditioner after shampoo and as a special conditioning treatment where you can get result like a regular hot oil/hair spa.

As a daily hair conditioner:
After shampooing apply Lorys Hair Cream on wet hair. Leave for 2 minutes and rinse well.

As special conditioning treatment (hot oil/hair spa effect):
Apply the product on the hair starting from the tip to the roots, massage and allow the cream to penetrate hair for 15 minutes. For maximum effect and result use an aluminum cap or a hot towel and wrap around head. Shampoo and rinse thoroughly after. If you don’t have an aluminum cap a shower cap is fine just leave it longer say 30 minutes.

What I think about it:

  • I think its really good.  Its a perfect do-it-yourself (DIY) home spa/ hot oil treatment.
  • So far I tried the Fruit Cocktail and the Duo Chocolate and my hair just turned super soft, silky smooth, shiny and manageable, I’m not over exaggerating promise.
  • I love how big the packaging is (1000G @ Php350.00) because you can indulge on your hair care treatment as much as you want.
  • I love the smell of Duo Chocolate its so delicious I wanna eat it. It smells like chocolate truffles! Yummy!

Would I recommend Lorys Deep Moisturizing Hair Cream?
Yes. At Php350.00 per 1000grams its worth it and actually very inexpensive for a good at home hair care treatment conditioner for its price.  Compared to other hair care treatment this product is very affordable.


With my shoulder length hair I think a bottle will last 2 and a half months if I use it as a daily conditioner. If I’ll use it solely as a special DIY hot oil/ hair spa treatment it will last much longer. But if I use it both ways it will last me about a month and a half.

The packaging is so huge for the typical Filipino consumer though.  I suggested they come out with a smaller package.  I was told they will come out in a smaller package soon and we will be a witness to this event.  Watch out for this! meanwhile like Lorys Hair Cream on Facebook to keep you updated.

Lorys Hair Cream is available at all Watsons and PCX outlets nationwide. However I tried looking for Lorys at the Watson outlet here in SM Fairview and I also looked at SM Megamall but I didn’t see one. Probably because the product is a best seller.

How about you have you seen a Lorys Hair Cream any Watsons or PCX outlet near you? If not would you like to give Lorys a try? Comment away and I might raffle some 🙂

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. I’ll like to have it and try the conditioner as well as the cream you have for my hair. I never had a problem with my hair ever since and also with the product that I’d been using but just want to try new things so that I’ll get to experience and feel the essence of my hair.

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