4th Partakan Festival Set at Anguib Beach, Sta. Ana Cagayan Valley

Where are you heading this Holy Week break?

Me, I am going to the edge of the Philippines up North where the most beautiful virgin beach better than Borscay similar to white sand beaches can be found.

4th Partakan Festival at Anguib Beach Sta. Ana Cagayan Valley

This is Anguib Beach in Sta. Ana Cagayan Valley. The venue for Ropali Motor’s 4th Partakan Festival happening thid April 14-15, 2017.

What is Partakan Festival?

Partakan Festival is the first and only ride and rock festival in the country which aims to unite all the riders, theur family and friends and promote moto-tourism up the northern region of the country.

The event is headed by Ropali Motorcycles, one of the biggest motorcycle dealership in the country with 128 branches nationwide.

Partakan, which means speed in Ilocano is a Moto-Tourism challenge patterned after the popular game show Amazing Race TV series which features challenges in different locations. However, unlike the popular TV Series, the Amazing Ride is not a time-based competition. It is designed to promote tourism, camaraderie and family bonding, making the enjoyable, amazing and extraordinary. It is where friendship, BROTHERHOOD and leadership will be tested.

In partnership with Department of Tourism (DOT), stations in Amazing Ride are Tourist destinations of the Northern Region where different challenges awaits for each team. Teams can be any group with (5) minimum members. They can be riders, commuters, clubs, family members, backpackers or circle of friends.

Who can participate in Partakan Festival?

Joining the festival is free all you need is your ride to go along the challenges. Camp site is provided you csn either bring your own tent or rent at the venue. They have regular rents and airconditioned tents. You csn also rent out bahay-kubos or cottages in the venue and pick between airconditioned or airconditioned cottages.

What happens in Partakan Festival?

There are many activities happening in Partakan. First one veginning at take-off which is the Amazing Ride Challenge. It is not time-based but there will be challenges along every pit stop eqch group is tasked to finish. More than winning it promotes tourism if every stops to visit.

Then for those who like adrenaline rush, there is an Auto/Moto Speed Challenge which is a time-based motorcycle and automobile drag race contest sponsored by Kawasaki.

A Bail-Out challenge is also going to happen which is similar to TV show Wipe Out, cobtestants will be tedtef for their strenght, intelligence and patience.

Yamaha will sponsor a volleyball tournament, off-road gymkhana, and trail ride.

There will also be a batrle of the bands, summer hip hop Dance Showdown snd Partsksn Summer Bod Swimsuit Competition.

Aside from above mentioned activities, participants can aldo attend a safety riding semijar, jokn sand building contests and various wwater activities.

On top of it all a motorcycle will be raffled off!

Oh, forgot to mention orize for each challenge is up to Php20,000!

4th Partakan Festival

Event is sponsored by Ropali Motors, Honda supported by Suzuki Philippines, Kymco Philippines, Mahindra, Ginebrs, Spyder, WRU, Shield Helmets, Tree Top Adventure, Pionner, Universal Robina.

Media partners are Business Mirror, Philippine Graphic, Health & Fitness, Philippine Locale, Pilipino Mirror, When in Manila, Health Frontiers and More, Out of Town, PBNet, Astig.ph, and Earthlingorgeous.

For more information and to register visit www.partakan.com

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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