Read This Before You Shop for Pearls!

If you have someone special in your life who loves jewellery, you may consider buying them a gift of pearl jewelry. But before you make your purchase, it’s important to know a few basics so you know what you are getting.

Look for the real deal

There’s nothing wrong with artificial pearls; they can be quite beautiful. The problem arises when you think you are getting the genuine article and you are really getting artificial pearls. It’s not enough to look for a product listing that states that the pearls are “natural,” “authentic,” or “cultured.” Anyone can state that their product is the real deal, but to be sure you should ask for a certificate of authenticity. Also, real pearls are not completely smooth. They should feel slightly gritty.

Know the sizing

Pearls are generally measured in millimeters. If you’re not used to thinking in metric, this can make trying to determine the size of a pearl without seeing it in person very difficult. Keep in mind that 13mm is roughly about half an inch. A pearl that is this size is considered to be larger (and, as a result, on the expensive side). On the opposite end of the spectrum are those that are 6.5mm (1/4 inch) in diameter. Most pearls will be between 7 and 8mm. The size you choose will depend not only on your budget, but also on the personal taste of the recipient.

Know the strand length

If you’re buying a classic strand of pearls, it’s important to understand the standard strand lengths. When purchasing jewellery online, it can be tricky to visualize the right strand length for the look you are after. As a guideline, a 16-inch strand will fit close to the base of the neck, like a choker. For that classic, Julia Child look, opt for 18 inches, which is also known as princess length. For more formal wear or for business attire, matinée length pearls (22 inches) are a popular choice.

Choose the right setting

When it comes to buying pearl jewellery, there is more than the pearls themselves to consider. There’s the setting, too. In other words, the metal elements that surround the pearls, including the clasps, chain, ring setting, etc. Most women have a preference between white goal or yellow goal. If you want to be sneaky and not ask her outright, a good strategy is to look at the other jewellery she has. There’s probably a clear winner. If not, she is likely OK with either one, so you’re good either way! In that case, choose the metal colour that best matches the colour of pearls you select.

Choose the right colour of pearls

Speaking of pearl colour, there’s a lot to consider here, too. All pearls are beautiful, but consider your recipient’s skin tone when choosing pearls to ensure they are the most flattering. For example, a fair-skinned woman will look best with pearls that have a rosy overtone. Darker-skinned woman look best silver pearls or white pearls with ivory overtones. If your recipient has a big of an edgier fashion sensibility about them, black pearls may be just the thing they are looking for.

Finally, be sure you are buying from a reputable site such as PearlsOnly.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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