Belo Intensive Whitening BB Cream Spray Review – Pumuti Ako Promise!!!

Belo BB Cream Spray review

Almost  everyone  in the Philippines is obsessed with whitening  products.  Not me though.  What I am obsessed  about is how to keep looking young  inspite of my age.

Call it unfortunate or not but a lot of whitening product available in the market also has great anti-aging  ingredients and great sun protection which  is very important to prevent skin from looking aged.

I’ve had the Belo BB Cream Spray for a couple of months already and have used it a couple of times already  but it was only now that I am able to sit down and make a full review of it as requested.

Belo BB Cream Spray review

Product Info

Belo Intensive Whitening BB Cream Spray visibly covers blemishes and skin  imperfections as it works to immediately  whiten skin. It has tone correcting formula for an even skintone and leave a flawless natural  finish.  With kojic  acid and traxenamic acid,  SPF50++ . Praben free, hypoallergenic  and dermatologically tested.

How to use

Shake well before using. Spray six inches away  from  skin.  Blend well.

What I think of it?

  • If you are familiar  with Sally Hansen leg spray it is very similar to that.
  • At first spray you may not get the tint yet it means you haven’t  shook it well. Spray again and you will get the pigments.
  • Tint may come out generously,  don’t worry you can blend it all evenly.

Belo BB Cream Spray review

What I like about the Belo Intensive Whitening  BB Cream Spray

  1. Feels cool on the skin when sprayed
  2. Doesn’t feel sticky or greasy
  3. Finish is very skin like but very even toned. Glowing and young.
  4. Whitening  in an instant indeed like one spray I got two shades lighter
  5. Best part is it has SPF50+++
  6. Get even skin tone instantly
  • It is not waterproof so it is not meant for swimming. It easily washes off with water.  Careful  with getting wet when wearing it as you can  get patches .
  • Make sure to get it dry first as it can stain your clothes.  No worry it gets easily  removed with water.
  • Scent is not bad doesn’t smell like whitening  product or sunblock.
  • It looks intimidating but it is easy to use. Blending is the trick.
  • Dries off fast.
  • I used the Natural shade,  I am not sure if there are other shades available. I got mine at Sampleroom where they give you  chance to try new products  before you buy.

Do I recommend  Belo  BB Cream Spray?

If you got unevenly tanned  and you need to wear skin  baring  clothes you can count on this one as it delivers even and whiter skin  in an instant.  Whitening  doesn’t look fake as it looks natural,  glowing  and does not leave that whitening scent common  in whitening  skin products.  It may look intimidating but it is easy to use, just be patient with the blending if you sprayed too much.

How about  you have you tried this product yet?  What do you think? Let me know in the comment section below.

You may also want to watch my video review as I try out the Belo BB Cream Spray here:



Stay gorgeous everyone!

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