Places to go to for a Last-Minute Beach Getaway in the Philippines

We get it, we can get a little busy at work and at home and sometimes we forget to spend quality time with our loved ones. We all feel tired at the end of a stressful day and we all just can’t wait to doze off the night. But it’s still summer and if you’re too busy to plan things out for a quick vacation, here are some wonderful places to go for a quick summer getaway.
Holiday packages are must-try this season especially that a lot of resorts and hotels in the country are offering these promos now. There are a lot of beach offers like Batangas holiday package  or Cam Sur island hopping getaway. Plus, these offers can be easily booked online so it does not consume much of your time and it’s hassle-free. You just book the package and you are ready to travel. Here are some of the best beaches for your last minute summer getaway.


Just a two hour ride from the busy Metro Manila, Batangas has beach areas to offer. The province of Batangas is a first-class province situated in the southern part of Luzon particularly the CALABARZON region. The province has many beaches and is known for its great diving spots like Anilao, Punta Fuego and Calatagan. Taal Volcano is also situated in this place and the view from nearby town is just as majestic as the crystal shores. It also boasts of several islands like Tingloy, Isla Verde and Fortune Island that is open for tourist hopping. Other amazing places where you can spend your summer getaway in Batangas includes Gerthel Beach, Submarine Garden, Mahabang Buhangin beach, Tingga Falls and Munting Buhangin Falls.

La Union

La Union has been one of the go-to places for quick summer escapades especially for people in the North. The province boasts the famous surf town of San Juan that offers a wonderful beach side with enticing waves of seawater great for surfing, motor boating and other water activities. There are a lot of good restaurants and food corners around town where you can fill your appetite with North dishes like bagnet and bangus, Mexican cuisine and even Greek food like souvlaki and yogurt. At night, the town is alive with lots of bars and clubs open for partying by the beach. A beer or two is good with a relaxing view of the La Union sunset.


Pangasinan is also located in the Northern stretch of mainland Luzon, one of the three major island divisions of the Philippines. Pangasinan is well known for their fishery industry and it supplies major fish ports in the country. More than that, Pangasinan also host several beach spots like Bolinao that will surely captivate a tourist’s heart. Sumptuous fish cuisines are also served in many restaurants near the beach areas so one can enjoy both the taste and view of Pangasinan.

Ilocos Norte

Pagudpud, located in Ilocos Norte, is a fine white sand beach knonw as the surfing capital of the North. It is reputed of its white sand stretch and crystal clear water that is best for relaxing amd recreational activities like sailing, surfing and diving. If you’re looking to spend your summer vacation in the Ilocos, make sure to pack and travel to Pagudpud and enjoy its many wonders.


Zambales, with its international appeal and Freeport zone area like Subic Bay is great for tourists who loves to spend time on the beach. The place is loaded with world-class restaurants, dining places and resorts and your beach getaway will never be the same again, surely. It also boasts the Anawangin cove that is being famous for its serene view and idyllic experience for the tourist who visits the location


Siargao is an island 45 minutes away Cebu City. It is one of those newly-renowned beach and surfing spot in Eastern Philippines. It is sometimes referred to as a majestic hidden cove that is home to diverse marine species and coral reefs. It used to be undiscovered until 90’s and was popularized by various surfing conventions and the tourists that it gained. It is a complete beach get away that offers wavy beaches and sand bars.
Places to go to for a Last-Minute Beach Getaway in the Philippines

Palaui Island

Palaui Island is located in Sta. Ana, Cagayan. A town situated in the northeastern point of Cagayan Valley and has been known since for its miniature islands and sand bars. What could be the underappreciated quality of Palaui is that there are no hotels around the island which makes it good for tourist camping. It is also surrounded by thick forest areas home to various species of flora and fauna. This is a must-visit island of the North!

Camarines Sur

Caramoan in Camarines Sur is a perfect beach spot for those who want to enjoy the Visayan region of the Philippines. It is located in Camarines Sur that is surrounded by the waters of Maqueda Channel and Lagonoy Gulf. Caramoan has been famous for being a film location for Survivor, a hit reality tv series abroad. For those who don’t have time to visit the stunning white sand beaches in Caramoan, the nearby Bagolatao Beach in Minalabac also offers visitors a unique beach experience. This beach, roughly an hour away from the Naga City proper, is covered in rocks and pebbles of all. While the road is accessible to sturdy 4 x 4 vehicles and jeeps, foreign tourists usually opt to rent motorbikes to get here on their own.


Definitely last but not the least is the Boracay Island that is continuously growing and developing and still attracts a large international crowd. Many structures including hotels, restaurants and leisure rentals are being built along the vast stretch of the famed white sand shore. It has been known worldwide and it serves as one of the primary tourist attractions of the Philippines. Getting a summer beach getaway can be kind of pricy but it surely is worth all the dough. People from neighboring countries like Japan and China continue to enjoy the Philippine wonder while enjoying the culture of the locals. Lots of clubs and bars welcome tourists at night especially there are fire dancers and lively music to match the best view of the beach. World-class hotels are built around the stretch to accommodate the large number of visitors and tourists. Don’t worry if you’re kind of overwhelmed with the large crowd because there are other nearby islands in the Aklan area that could give you the relaxation and peace you want away from the large tourist crowd.

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