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My Beauty/Vanity Corner Wouldn’t You Think My Collection’s Complete

My love for makeup started when I was a little girl seeing my mom get all dolled up for work.  She was an office girl and she wore stockings,  high heels,  tailored office uniform. She was my Demi Moore, Brooke Shields,  Phoebe Cates I wanted to be like her.

However, I grew up with mostly boys as my playmates.  I was very boyish and carefree. I’d climb  trees, get all dirty and bruised,  run over and around, hunt for froglets I thought were baby fished in sewerage I thought were rivers back then.  It was that safe and clean during my childhood and it was all good.

Fast forward to today,  I hardly see a tree, no more froglets or clean sewers. All that is left from my childhood were the makeip I used to see my mom wore.  In fact I have a huge collection more than my mom had and more than I could ever imagine.

I don’t have much of the super high end brands but I have too much for one person It makes my vanity beauty corner so fun to look at and play with . Thank you for all the beauty brands who sent their products my way.

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