10th Fit & Fun Wellness Buddy Run with my DD

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10th Fit & Fun Wellness Buddy Run with my DD

My DD and I enjoy casual walks with sporadic running and chasing at our condo compound (at the parking or clubhouse pool area or even the mall) . We usually do 15 to 1 hour walks non-stop that’s our exercise) . But last Sunday was special as we joined a real fun run with many other people although we did not officially register as buddy runners we were registered as media buddy runners.

The 10th Fit & Fun Wellness Buddy Run held at the Camp Emilio Aguinaldo Compound in Quezon City was the comfiest and safest place to have taken my DD for a real fun run. Mom used to work there and I was Christened at the chapel there. It was a run back to my childhood when mom used to take me there. It was a great time to tour my DD there even if she may not even know where we were but she was just enjoying our run together at a safe and accepting place for her likes.

10tH Fit & Fun Wellness Buddy Run

As we run I saw familiar places and passed by other blogger friend runners which made our run really fun. DD sweated it out and it was all good. I hardly break a sweat charot!

10tH Fit & Fun Wellness Buddy Run

Anyway, the 10th Fit & Fun Wellness Buddy Run has been a much anticipated event for a lot of people. This was the kick-off event to celebrate the wellness and nutrition month this July. This is a fun getaway activity for fitness newbies who are just about to start their wellness journey and loyal runners.

The event was hosted by Gretchen Go, although we didn’t get to see the program as DD and Observe still on the run haha. Freebies from Nestle Philippines, Johnson and Johnson, Fonterra, Unilab and Wyeth Nutrition, Unilever, International Pharmaceuticals Incorporated, Procter and Gamble, Abbott Nutrition, Get Bros, Evidential, Del Monte, Foodsphere Inc and Philips were given as rewards to all participants in the fun run.

Coaches Jim and Toni Sweet also prepped participants to a short work out as they invited everyone to join the #FitFilMovement which aims to encourage everyone to pledge and lose weight.

This event was just one of the wellness programs by Robinson’s Supermarket this July. At the stores the are giving away Healthy You snack platers for a minimum purchase of Php3,000 inclusive of Php500 worth of participating items of the Wellness Festival.

Robinson’s Supermarket’s commitment to wellness campaign extends to providing Filipinos with delicious and healthy food options and alternnatives . You may visit www.robinsonssupermsrket.com.ph to see what’s good for you!

Stay gorgeous everyone !

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