How I Commute To Divisoria + Another Php1000 Shopping Challenge

Commute to Divisoria Tutuban Center shopping

Commuting to Divisoria is something I have not done in my entire life until recently when I challenged myself to do it . One, because the service provided by the event host was too early for my convenience, noting the fact that it was rush hour, no way, I will just commute and save my time and sanity trying to make it to the meeting place. Two, I want to vlog about the commuting experience and if I can survive and not get lost. Fortunately, the stars were in my favor that day and breezed through my commute, the only challenging part was the walking because it was way too hot and humid that day. (One good tip to remember is spray on some deodorant to stay fresh and not stink, which is possible to happen with all the sweat you’ll make walking and commuting).

So, how to commute to Divisoria.

  • Coming from Shaw Blvd. my best option was to ride the MRT3 and LRT3 then jeepney. Estimated time of travel is 30-45 minutes.
    From our place I took a tricycle to
  • Shaw fare is Php14 but I always give Php20 keep the change.
  • At Shaw MRT 3 station take the train going to Cubao, fare is Php16 only.
  • From Cubao MRT 3 station alight from the north bound and walk your way to Gateway Mall through Farmers Market passing through the overpass or Araneta Coliseum. At the end of Gateway Mall 3rd level (look for H&M and Uniqlo) is the LRT 3 station.
  • It was my first time to ride the LRT3 station! Ang luwag at ang laki ng train at station!
  • Take the train going to Recto, Recto is the last stop and fare is Php20
    Unlike MRT3 train LRT3 train has no special coach for women, kids and senior citizens. I didn’t know! Glad I did not encounter a maniac or pickpocket! Phew.
  • Alighting the Recto station keep left and downstairs is the jeepney stops.
  • Take a jeep to Tutuban fare is Php8 only.
  • It was not that far or traffic, the only cause of delays were undisciplined jeepney drivers and passengers who take the ride and go down whenever and wherever they please.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Divisoria these days no longer stink and crowded or dirty. Or maybe coz I was there on a weekday and still early (It was 1030am) .
  • I walked a hundred meters plus to Tutuban Center and I felt safe I was even video blogging while walking with my fone exposed.

Watch my commute to Divisoria  experience here:



I went there for TuTuban Center, but I will come back in the future to shop at 999 and 168 malls which is just across the street!

Arriving at Tutuban Center, I was briefed of the Php1,000 shopping challenge. We were even asked to ask for official receipts of our purchases and return the change if any. Sure why not.

Aside from the budget provided we had certain items to find/buy.

School stuff
I got this back-to-back Whiteboard and Blackboard for Php150
Commute to Divisoria Tutuban Center shopping

Got a fidget spinner since its very popular these days Php70
Commute to Divisoria Tutuban Center shopping

Home stuff
I got a bathroom rug for Php150
Commute to Divisoria Tutuban Center shopping

Rainy Day Essentials
I got a transparent raincoat for Php130
Commute to Divisoria Tutuban Center shopping

Flatlay props
I got this faux grass for Php150
Commute to Divisoria Tutuban Center shopping

This pretty printed skort for Php180
Commute to Divisoria Tutuban Center shopping

I only spent Php870 total, all official receipts issued to Tutuban Properties Inc. and returned the Php130 change that I should have used to purchase that cute transparent umbrella as well! Oh well!

I had fun shopping though in spite of the time restrictions, I only had an hour and a half to shop for all these items I need to buy . Had I had more time I could have bought more! Or had time to haggle and find intetesting  items to purchase.

I was also able to find a good place to have my Wonder Woman costume customized  at a very affordable rate! Yay! But that will be another story to tell.
Commute to Divisoria Tutuban Center shopping

As for shopping tips, best place to shop for toys when in Tutuban is Andings, you can haggle as low as you think possible, take for example this Pie Face, display price says Php350 but one mommy blogger was able to haggle for Php265! What a steal!

How about you have you shopped in Tutuban before?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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