How Prepared Are Your for the Big One? 2017 Ready Disaster Resilience Forum

2017 Disaster Resilience Forum

I know nobody can predict when the Big One will happen.  But with the frequent earthquake happening in the country, isn’t it wise to think of the worst case scenario.

Watch this live recorded video I took at the Disaster Resilience Forum to know if you are near a fault line and where to run after an devastating earthquake:

Recently I attended a disaster resilience forum and while I scared myself of what’s gonna happen when the big one happens I also had to lament about what is gonna happen if I survived.  My crazy evil twin said, I would rather die, with my entire family in a giant calamity, than survive alone and God knows what am I gonna wake to after.  I may be prepared but how about the other people around me who survived as well.  This is actually the basis for Zombie apocalypse movies where people turn to eat human flesh to survive.

Anyway as I was saying, I may be prepared for whatever is to come, how about other people who might drag me with their unpreparedness.   I sound selfish with this but survival is always the first instinct of all living things.

Getting insured when the time comes safeguards myself , my family and my property.  But if everyone gets affected who will process all the claims?  Full stop.

This is why the forum was held.  To ease all doubt and to show that there will be order when chaos comes. There will be people who are ready and willing to help everyone else in need.

2017 Disaster Resilience Forum

At the forum, the nations biggest names in disaster management, risk reduction and post-disaster rehabilitation convened last August 8,2017 at the Makati Shangri-la Hotel for the 2017 – Ready Disaster Resilience Forum – All Sectors In” Making Everyone Disaster Resilient.

In partnership with the Insurance Commission, the Climate Change Commission and GIZ Duetsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit.  The event was organized to serve as a platform to discuss measures on disaster resiliency for MSMEs, the agriculture sector, and the high risk communities.  It also served as a venue to educate the public about the role of microinsurance in disaster preparedness.  Microinsurance plays an important role and a vital preparedness tool , which helps protects Filipinos from the harsh effects brought by calamities.

Citing past disasters that ravaged our country which affected lives of millions and impacted 80% of the local economy. The effects of these natural disasters has become the new normal to many Filipinos.  The forum would like to reach out to the most vulnerable sectors of society.  As part of Cebuana Lhuillier disaster resilience campaign they introduced programs that will not only make Filipinos financially-included but also financially protected by highlighting the important role of microinsurance in mitigating risk.

One of the programs they launch was the RAPIDO Claims Rapid Action in Disaster-Stricken Areas Operations an initiative that enables Cebuana Lhuillier Insurance Solutions (CLIS) to immediately process and settle claims right at the site where a disaster had just occurred.

Visit a Cebuana Lhuillier near you to ask about their microinsurance which you can get for as low as Php5,000.

On your part, you can prepare your little go bag for each member of your family to which you can easily access and bring with you in case you need to evacuate. What’s in a go bag contains your survival kit for atleast a couple of days. I’ll show you what is in go bag on another posts.

Do you think you are ready for the big one?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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