How Much Did You Spend on Grab Rides this Year? #GrabRidesPh

How much did you spend on Grab Rides this year?

If you want to know how much money  you gave Grab this 2018 click here #GrabRidesPh.

I am sure you have seen a lot of your Facebook friends in the Philippines or people you follow on Instagram and even Twitter post about their ridiculous spending on Grab rides alone.  It’s not really about bragging how much you spent, the more you spend the cooler you.

Wrong!  The more you spend the more hopeless you have become to succumb to almost incredible and unreasonable amount you pay for a convenient and safe ride.  A convenient and safe ride our transportation service providers should give because they are in the public service industry.  This one should be strictly enforced and focused on our government but sadly they don’t care , especially our law makers whom have their own cars and/or owners of the transportation companies.

Grab rides transportation system Philippines

Our transportation service system in the country is the worst in the world .  Our train system (MrRT)LRT)  (that actually doesn’t have a system at all) makes everyone even hopeless to just take grab because of the wait time, the sweat and the pick pocketers and sexual predators you will encounter upon riding.

Our buses  whom have no choice but to cut down their numbers coz they are always the target of private car owners saying they are the cause of traffic coz they get in their way.  Can you even see the number of bus to private vehicles and the number of people riding the bus as per number of people in one car?  Ridiculous.

Our taxi services is the worst in the world. The drivers oretend to be decent by driving taxi but actually are posers, in truth they are robbers in car, ready to rob you of your hard earned money, sanity and decency.  As soon as you hail them they’re gonna tell you how much they want to take from you like a robber pointing gun at you.  Taxi drivers have the pleasure to deny you of riding them if you don’t pay the price they want and when you are desperate you have no choice but to get robbed.

Grab cars, the most convenient, safe and at least we permitted the robbing by accepting the ride .  We know how much we are paying and we are getting a clean and nice car and a decent driver. If you get share pray you don’t get a ride with an entiled bitch who doesn’t know the essence of the Grab Share ride.

Grab rides used to be priced reasonably, until after our legislators saw and opportunity to attack and make them their milking cow.  Now Grab ride prices are off the roof, especially this Holiday season!  But still we, including me, who is a Platinum member still succumb to take a Grab ride rather than go through the incredible ordeal and suffering of a normal commuter who needs to endure long ,rough, inconvenient, cheap transportation via bus, Jeep, MRT, LRT or taxi.

We don’t mean to brag by showing our 2018 Grab Ride expense but to show to the people who are inconsiderate of our time, that we spend not just time but also money and effort to be there.  This is to show our legislators that hey we are spending a big chunk of our income to transportation which instead of making it convenient you are making it worse by fining them, clipping off whatever good they can give their passengers.

Grab ride Angkas ride

An example of this was Angkas, a convenient motorcycle ride, that I’ve tried once , it was safe to my surprise , they have an app and owner is a woman!  But the government clipped Angkas the moment they saw a lot we’re using them.  They’re seeing an opportunity to make more money from the riding public by cutting every means of a cheap and Safe ride.  They copy the “app” but can’t copy the system.

Anyway, showing you how much we spend on a grab ride per year is not bragging.  It is our way to remind ourselves that we have been spending way too much on Grab rides that we need to cut it down.

My new year’s resolution would be to cut down on Grab Rides and put that money in an investment or add to my savings instead.  No, I don’t plan to buy a car. I don’t want to add to the millions cars driving by our narrow streets.

I pray that our transportation system in the government gets better. That our MRT coaches number increase and that our legislators/government people  stop making milking cows of a transportation system that works.  This is part of your duty as government worked and public servant .  Be a public servant, serve the people by giving them good service to make their lives easier coz it’s already hard. Don’t be a part of the problem. Be the solution.

How about you how much did you spend on Grab Rides in the Philippines?

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