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I Went to the Sampleroom Vlogging Workshop and This is What Happened …

I’ve been uploading videos on my YouTube channel the same time I started blogging.  However, I never took video vlogging seriously until just about over a year ago .   I use my YouTube channel as a supplement for the blog when photos and words are not enough .  Plus most of the time people rarely read anymore (sad fact).

Just recently I attended the Sampleroom Vlogging Workshop to get inspiration and tips from some of the well-known Pinay Youtuber on how they do it.  It is always good to never stop learning plus the pros have gold nuggets to share that you can use.

The speakers for the workshop was Say Tioco, Gen-Zel Habab and Rhea Bue and the sponsors were Happy Skin, Fuji Film, Belo Essentials, Ponds, and DentisteKiss.

Here’s the highlights of the #SRVloggingWorkshop that happened at the Greensun Hotel last September 16, 2017:

I hope you watched the video!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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