Gadgets that Improve Your Everyday Life

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Gadgets that Improve Your Everyday Life

No matter how hard you try, somehow there’s always something out of whack in your kitchen – you’re either missing the perfect knife, the teapot is nowhere to be found, and it’s always stuffy from all the cooking experiments you take up in the middle of the summer. We’ve all been there.

Luckily, human ingenuity can trump all of these obstacles, and with a few carefully-selected items in your kitchen and around the house, you’ll start enjoying your culinary endeavors a lot more than usual. Let’s take a look at a few life-savers that can simplify your life on more levels than just one, and become your go-to gadgets whenever you bring out your inner chef!

Color-coding in the kitchen

Whenever I’m mincing garlic (which is quite often), I get a little upset with myself that I’ll later forget which knife I used to do so, and I risk washing the chopping board well enough so that my chocolate muffins have a faint garlic aroma.

And having a small kitchen really doesn’t help! But, color-coded chopping boards along with neat little images to distinguish between their uses can help even the busiest of chefs. No longer will every slice of chicken smell of onions, or every batch of chocolate-chip cupcakes remind you of garlic bread!

Water preserving 101

Everywhere in the house but in the kitchen, in particular, we tend to use more water than we really need. Either for washing the dishes, cleaning the countertop, or even cleaning our veggies and other fresh ingredients before cooking.

And the planet isn’t getting any better for it, so finding ways of cutting down water wasting should be every household’s top priority. The simplest way to achieve this is to use water-saving faucets, such as Delta, that are designed to be water-efficient.

A smart coffee maker

When you improve the connectivity in your home, everything, even your crankiest mornings start to feel more seamless and easier to handle.

I cannot imagine skipping my morning cup of chamomile tea, although I’m guilty of craving an occasional cup of joe, too, so getting a smart coffee maker to kickstart my mornings even before I get out of bed seems like a dream-come-true. All it takes is a few choices on my smartphone while I’m still tucked in, and in a few minutes, a perfectly brewed coffee awaits!

Fresh air at all times

Even the best of kitchen aspirators will be pushed to their limits during the holiday seasons, when we tend to use the entire stove around the clock, making complex meals, while the heat makes it almost unbearable to stay in the room for longer than a few minutes.
For lovers of homemade food, a high-quality AC such as Frigidaire is a true lifesaver as it will supply your home with fresh, cool air, and simplify your cooking adventures. Every time you step into your kitchen in the middle of summer, you’re one push of a button away from the perfect room temperature.

Window cleaning simplified

Ember the Roomba craze, when we all realized that there’s a simpler way to vacuum and save up hours of your time and energy? Well, this little guy can go vertical with no trouble at all and clean your windows for you.

Now this deserves a standing ovation especially among those of you who live on the fifteenth floor of a building and have a paralyzing fear of heights – such a simple gadget can rid you of those misty kitchen windows and save you the inconvenience of being a Tarzan in your own home.

Your personal fixer

If you’re imagining yet another human-sized robot with the abilities of a Swiss knife, you couldn’t be further from the truth. And yet, you can freely say goodbye to broken shelves in the fridge, cracks in your shoe-soles, or even those annoying rips in your charger cables.
Sugru is moldable glue, a durable, colorful play-dough-like substance that can adhere to almost any surface and fix many common issues you come across in your home. Not to mention that you’ll have tons of fun with it, since it’s made to be easy to handle and gives you half an hour to adjust your desired shape before it dries completely.

Clever storage compartments

Not everyone is a born minimalist, but we all need that extra few feet of storage space to put away another bedding set, pots and pans that get used once in a while, or even those everyday gadgets that have a tendency to get lost as soon as you need them. Just like that one sock that mysteriously ends up missing as soon as you wash your clothes. So why not make some extra space out of thin air?

Gadgets that Improve Your Everyday Life

Wall-mounted storage compartments, and hangers are among my favorite ways to save space while making things available and visible at all times. Mason jars on the wall and as hanging storage units can be a brilliant way to keep away all your kitchen utensils or spices, while extra fridge drawers let you store those leftovers hassle-free, and keep some of your smelliest foods safely away from the rest of your fridge meals.

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