Microtel by Wyndham Puerto Princesa Palawan

It’s been a decade since I last visited this one big piece of paradise also known as Palawan.  I remember how the roads were not paved yet and we need to endure the excuriating 3 hours on the  rough roads just to go to the port area going to the Unesco World Heritage Site and now the new 7 Wonders of the World , Underground River.

I also remember how boats going to the Puerto Princesa Subterranian National Park were a little shabby, small and the boat owners were unorganized.

Fast track to today,  November 2017, I was astoubded by the big developments in Puerto Princesa.  The first that stunned me the most was their World Class Puerto Princesa International Airport.   It was definitely International Standards.  It was huge with beautiful architectural structure and interiors that makes you not loathe a single minute spent in it.

Puerto Princesa International Airport

Puerto Princesa International Airport

Puerto Princesa International Airport

Are those image want you go pack your bags now and see for yourself? Hold on I am not done yet. Wait ’til you see the hotel I stayed in there for 4 days and 3 nights.


Microtel by Wyndham (@microtelpalawan on Instagram)

Inside the room
Microtel by Wyndham Palawa

View from the window/sliding door to the beach front
Microtel by Wyndham Puerto Princesa Palawan

Beach front with hotel view behind me
Microtel by Wyndham Puerto Princesa Palawan

By the pool
Microtel by Wyndham Puerto Princesa Palawan

They also have common areas at the lobby with a nice big couch that’s a favorite by visitors. They also have game room and a refreshment area with unlimited free coffee that taste really good, turmeric tea and water!

Microtel by Wyndham is located at Emerald Beach, San Jose, Puerto Princesa, Palawan. This is the best hotel in the area as it has a beach front view and area and next to it is the place where people actually go for kiteboarding !

WHERE TO GO / WHAT TO DO #IslandAdventure

Now that you’ve settled in a cozy , beautiful hotel, here are places you want to go spend a day and immerse yourself in this island paradise.

Cowrie Island

This is the one-stop island stop here in Puerto Princesa, most visitors stay here all day until before sun down because they don’t have electricity here. They have generators but they are off by 9pm! You can rent a cottage or hut here or just stay in the common area for free. They serve lunch buffet herr so you don’t have to worry about food.

Cowrie Island Puerto Princesa Palawan

You can do a lot of water activities here like the following:

Cowrie Island Puerto Princesa Palawan Jetskiing
Cowrie Island Puerto Princesa Palawan

Nagtabon Beach

Not white sand but the waves are wild. If you want to tan or just imbibe the beach vibe and chill this js the place to be. Swimming further into the ocean is not recommended as the undercurrent is fierce! It looks enticing for surfers but it is not recommended as well but, there is another side of this island you can chexk out for surfing. I actually saw a couple of people with their surfboards. Imagine surfing included in your Palawan travel itenerary! 

Bae-watch vibe at Nagtabon Beach Puerto Princesa Palawan

Bae-watch vibe at Nagtabon Beach Puerto Princesa Palawan

Bae-watch vibe at Nagtabon Beach Puerto Princesa Palawan
Puerto Princesa city Itenerary

Underground River

Of course your trip in Puerto Princesa Palawan is not complete without making a stop at the World’s Wonder Underground River!

Underground River Puerto Princesa Palawan
Underground River Puerto Princesa Palawan

Underground River Puerto Princesa Palawan

Underground River Puerto Princesa Palawan

Compared to 10 years ago when I visited there for the first time,  Undergroubd River tours is very organized and kinda sorta high tech because of the in-ear pre-recorded toyr-guide that will tell you the story of the underground river.  The gadget will ve given upon entry to the park and you can pick a language you want from Filipino,  English,  Korean,  Japanese,  French or whatever.   For foreign speaking tourist I believe this gadget is very helpful but for Filipino travelers I think the normal tour guide talking as we pass by is better.

Underground River Puerto Princesa Palawan

I feel it was better because the in-ear tour guide is kinda delay plus the boay man is sometimes advanced or delayed at pointing the headlight to the direction the recorded audio was telling.  I think it is also better if there was a bigger headloght so view is a bit more better or well I guess they did this so as to preserve what is left in the river.  We were told that they eased down on the lights and the isitor traffic so as to give time for the cave ans its inhabitants time to recuperate.



After a day spend in each of the Stops I mentioned above and back at Puerto Princesa city, don’t miss out indulgong on the best restaurants in the area.


A favorite of local abd tourist, they serve a wide range of Filipino dishes. Food is great, serving is perfect. Ask for the best seller dishes and you will never go wrong. This was alo the place I tried my first and last Tamilok!
Tamilok at Kinabuch Puerto Princesa Palawan

I will never have tamilok again because 1 I am allergic to any shelled sea food. Plus I dont like the gooey slimey feel of it. Kinda taste like Talaba but slimier.

Skylight Hotel Veranda Restaurant

If seafood is your thing then look no further. This place serves the most delectable sea food dishes in town.

Here’s what we had there (sorry no photos we ate them right away, joke! my cam broke and I wasnt able to retrieve my pics huhuhu)
· Aligue Rice (with aligue paste and “Lato” (seaweed) in a rice)
· Tropical Salad (Mixed fruits with Lato in Coconut shell)
· Sinuglaw (Sinugba then Kinilaw – Grilled Pork and Fish cooked in vinegar)
· Mixed Seafoods Sinigang (Seafoods of Palawan – Crab, Fish and Squid)
· Pork and Chicken Barbeque (Best Seller of Veranda Restaurant. Very affordable @ 130 with unlimited rice and drinks)
· Slipper Lobster
· Butter Garlic Crabs
· Pineapple shrimp (Pineapple fruit w/ Shrimp)
· Garlic Squid Adobo
· Coconut jelly with mango (Coconut milk w/ Mango fruit)

McCoy’s Pizza House

This is the best local pizza, pasta, chicken place and I kid not. Their fried potatoes reway better than the mojos you’ve tried at Shakey’s they make it taste sloppy. Thinking of makes me crave for them shocks I wish I was in Puerto Princesa right now!

McCoy's Pizza House Puerto Princesa Palawan



Honestly, DIY-ing the places I mentioned is not recommended, especially if your priority is the Underground River. The weather and the waves condition is somewhat unpredictable and rain has nothing to do about it. It is the Coast Guards final decision if trip to the river is allowed or not and they coordinate it very well with all the tour operators in Puerto Princesa.

If you are booked at Microtel by Wyndham in Puerto Princesa Palawan they can arrange the tours for you with all transfers and boat rides and park fees and everything else.

This trip was arranged for us by Microtel by Wyndham Puerto Princesa Palawan and it was a great itenerary they provided for us. Our last day was actually spent chilling there and because of the picturesque site, nice pool and unli coffee, tea or water . what can you ask for. They have a nice restaurant at the hotel where we have our breakfast . They have this best danggit I forgot what they call it. Shakes and fruit juices are yummy.

AirAsia flies was our official air carrier for this trip. They have daily flights to Puerto Princesa and rates are not bad at all!

So to sum it up, for your next adventure, visit Puerto Princesa Palawan take an AirAsia flight and stay at Microtel by Wyndham Palawan.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

Some photos are from Kara Santos of Travel Up, Melo Villareal of Out of Town Blog and Karla Ramos of Karla Around the World.

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