I have never been to Iloilo. I have very little expectations to what I can see in this province in Visayas. But the opportunity to be there for a visit and advocacy work appealed to me perfectly.

Honestly,  I know nothing about Iloilo except for the Dinagyang Festival and the Guimaras Mango and Oh!  The controversial Iloilo Convention Center constructed for the APEC Summit in 1995.

Before going on the trip, I checked out our Iloilo travel itinerary. One of the most important  thing for a fashion,  beauty,  blogger is to do outfit planning and skincare regime planning. If you don’t want to pay for excess baggage better be smart about these things.

You can watch my vlog below to see where we have been when I was there :

But of course if you don’t have time to watch and just browse photos instead here are the places we visited in Iloilo City all are IG Worthy and good for yoir #OOTD , or prenup pics if you are into old buildings especially churches :

Museo Iloilo

Learn about the brief history and culture in one place plus a snipped of old and modern art from artists from Iloilo.

Museo iloilo First time In Iloilo City

Casa Real

This is the place tjey said you will learn the art of doing nothing because of that tiny little bell you can eing to get whatever you want.  They serve the best hot chocolate here,  authentic batirol cacao hot cocoa.

#EarthinIloilo #WelovePhotoPhxIloilo

#EarthinIloilo #WelovePhotoPhxIloilo

Jaro Cathedral

I have a full facade shot in the video blog above.  This place made an impression on me as the church is catholic yet in the park it looks like Greek Gods and Goddesses on the little auditorium.

#EarthinIloilo #WelovePhotoPhxIloilo
Iloilo molo park

Molo Mansion

Very beautiful mansion that’s very old I think built in the 1950s . They said it was haubted and cursed so they just turned it to a tourist destination with a shop inside.

#EarthinIloilo #WelovePhotoPhxIloilo
#EarthinIloilo #WelovePhotoPhxIloilo


It is a ruver view that stretches althrough the Iloilo river. A lot of restaurants n the sides,  parks for lovers , family and friends to hangout after or before sunset is the best view.

#EarthinIloilo #WelovePhotoPhxIloilo
#EarthinIloilo #WelovePhotoPhxIloilo

City Times Square LED roses

Theyvalso have LED lighted roses in Iloilo but it is just a small portion infront of this mall.

#EarthinIloilo #WelovePhotoPhxIloilo
#EarthinIloilo #WelovePhotoPhxIloilo

Mango Tree Iloilo

One of the most popular resto in the city.

Mango Tree Iloilo

San Pedro Warf

This is where you can rent a bout to Guimaras Island if you are looking for beach.  Best place to view sunset.

Iloilo City

I never realized how beautiful Iloilo City was until this trip. I totally underestimated this province that is so forward andmodern yet the heritageand culture sites remained intact. Some are undergoing renovations, roads are being widened some more. I was shocked to see they have four lane roads! They have SM and Ayala Malls and their strip of malls looks photogenic as well. This place is very well developed and still developing t really was impressive.

I want to come back for more becaise there are so many old houses and buikding and churches yet to be explored!

Thanks Asus Philippines #WelovePhoto trip #4thesmile for taking me to Iloilo City!  Can’t wait for more trips with you.

How about you, have you been to Iloilo City yet? You should visit soon!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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