4 Reasons to Get a Fitbit Flex 2 and Make Your 2018 a Bit More Healthier

What is your fitness goal this 2018? If you wish to be healthier here is something you would definitely want.

I’ve been wearing a Fitbit Flex 2 for two weeks now butI feel so addicted to it. If I don’t wear it I feel naked and it turns out to be something I can wear 24 hours a day 7 days a week without any complaints. Although I wish to get a different band color and a necklace, I have no compaints about it.

FitBit Flex 2 review Philippines

I am giving you four of the most important reasons why you should get a Fitbit Flex 2 for yourself and make your 2018 a bit more healthier:

  1. It makes you concious and curious about achieving your walking goals. FitBit recommends 10,000 steps a day to be at least healthy. We are born competitive and seeing ourselves not achieving our quota or target makes us strive harder to get there everyday. I personally like to challenge myself and I hate losing. So seeing that I did not meet my goals or go over the quota gives me some sort of achievement and pride.
  2. It makes you more concious about the amount of water you drink everyday. We know doctors and health enthusiasts, even beauty experts say we all should drink 8 glasses of water everyday no mater what size or shape we are. It makes me realize that even if I think I drank enough of water for the day the Fitbit Flex 2 makes me see I had not the right amount yet. A glass of water for each hour you are awake makes you reach that goal.
  3. You get to see if you are sleeping enough or you get to find out how you sleep each night. This was one of the first thing I want to know because I don’t sleep normal hours. I read somewhere that it is not the time you sleep but how those hours you spend sleeping are like that determines if you had a good rest that you need each day. I have observed that I sleep at almost the same hours of the day and my restless sleeping stages gets lesser and lesser each day. Maybe it is a subconcious programing of me getting better sleep each because each time I see my stats I get this eureka moment when I wake feeling restless or if I feel fresh and refreshed. The less restless sleep I get the better I feel each day. I also like that the Fitbit Flex 2 has explanations of this sleeping patterns so as not to startle you when you see some awake minutes when you can’t even remeber a thing during those times.
  4. Another thing I want to be vigilant and meticolous at monitoring is my food intake. There is a food log and calories, cabs, proteins and fat counters on Fitbit Flex 2. I need to log my food intake some more to see if what I burn is enough to cover what I eat. Honestly I was alarmed with how the weighscale tipped this Christmas and as cliche as it sounds my 2018 resolution is to go back to my weight 10 years ago. I was also surprised to see that I felt I was eating more protein than carbs and fats, the monitor says otherwise. This means I need to change my diet/ food intake too. So help me God!

I know that there are apps that can make you monitor therese things but not as more accurate as FitBit Flex 2. I used to wear the compitor brand but I love this better coz of the water intake monitor and the calorie counter.

Fitbit Flex 2 is definitely a buy. Battery when full charge last for 5 days. You can also fine tune the settings to remind you to move every hour to achieve your walking and calories goals. You can set it to alarm at certain times of the day (vibration is stronger than normal coz I feel a bit startled each time it vibes to remind me to move.)

A unit cost around Php6k each. I know it may be expensive for some but it is a worthy investment especially for those who need to be more concious about their health and weight like people my age. (You can ask me how old I am in private) or well find it on social media I gave it away recently haha!)

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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