6 Tips for Building a Work Wardrobe That Will Boost Your Career

Whether you like it or not, you are judged by your appearance and the clothes you wear, especially in formal situations. That’s why building a work wardrobe right is essential, as this can affect your entire career. The main rule here is to focus on quality over quantity, because this can boost your status. Luckily, you only need to purchase several basic pieces that you’ll be able to use in various combinations.

Build a Work Wardrobe to Impress and Progress

1. Get yourself a dress
A well-cut dress in a dark color is a must-have of a work wardrobe that’s overlooked by most. This outfit is truly fantastic because it actually is a complete outfit in a single piece of clothing. You can complement it with a blazer or accessories to make the style more versatile. Wear the dress on the days of important meetings or on occasions when you want to feel more elegant while stuck in an office. It’s also a perfect choice for the situations when you’ll need to go to a party or date right after work.

2. Buy comfy low heels or flats
Beautiful high-heeled black pumps will make you look stunning, but you’ll suffer greatly wearing them for an entire day. Note that the damage from wearing high heels goes beyond sore feet and an occasional blister. The Spine Health Institute warns that these shoes deform your spine, ruin posture, weaken the knees, and can cause irreversible anatomical changes. Therefore, invest in a pair of serviceable low-heels or flats. The latter option is better for your spine, though it might not be appropriate for some formal occasions.

3. Choose subtle but elegant accessories
Necklaces, watches, and earrings are necessities for building a work wardrobe as they are the things that brighten up your outfits. It’s true that a statement accessory can make your image unforgettable, and some offices today will allow rather bold pieces. But overall, elegant and ‘plain’ accessories are the best. If you want to have something more original to show off your style, choose a combination of a simple design and an original detail, like Charmed Simplicity Necklace with a moon phase pic.

4. Buy a blazer
A stylish blazer is an absolute must-have for a work wardrobe. This is the piece you truly should invest in as it has to be tailored to perfection. Choose more lightweight models that you’ll be able to wear with various skirts and pants. The beauty of a blazer is that you can put it on for highly and less formal environments. You can even wear one with jeans and sneakers to add more integrity and sophistication to your image.

5. Buy a roomy bag
A handbag can be a statement accessory as well as a mark of social class. However, when you build a work wardrobe, you should look for practicality instead of fashion fads. Get yourself a roomy handbag that will easily fit a folder with papers or laptop. It doesn’t have to be expensive, at least when you are only starting the job. However, be sure to update this particular accessory as often as you can. It’ll be fun to follow the progress of your career by the change in handbag prices.

6. Find a classic trench coat
What you wear to and from work is as important as the clothes you have on in the office. A classic trench coat is the best choice here as it looks formal and goes with any footwear. Choose a lighter color instead of black or dark-blue. The trench will serve you well when going out to meetings, as it will be the thing that makes the all-important first impression.

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