Drew Barrymore in Manila for Santa Clarita Diet

The Day I Saw Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant in Manila promoting Santa Clarita Diet

I am a Netflix junkee. It is a weekly habit for my sister and I to binge watch  every interesting new show. Santa Clarita Diet was one of the fists few Netflix original  series we loved. We watched because Drew Barrymore was there and we were drawn by the funny banter and great rapport between her and Timothy Orlypanth, Drew’s husband in the series.   It is about a couple who work as realtors experiencing a stale relationship until Shiela (Drew’s character) got afflicted with the virus that made her undead (zombie).  Having to know the weirdest situation they are in and being supportive husband Joel (Tim)  helps his wife find her food in the most moral way possible they can do.  How?  They  only kill bad guys. That was Season 1 ending with their daughter Abby and her friend (their neighbors son and stepson of the first guy Sheila ate) finding out that her mom is undead and and sticking together as a family supporting and loving each other no matter what.

We saw the first episode of the Season 2 last night and it was so hilariously I  can’t wait until March 24 to marathon the entire season again!

The best reward I got being a Netflix subscriber and a blogger is that I was able to see Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olypanth live here in Manila last night (March 12,2018) for the Red Carpet Premiere of Santa Clarita Diet Season 2. They only have two countries to visit for this and Manila was first,  Thailand next (as of writing they are on their way there).

Anywho,  I have been a fan of Drew Barrymore since I saw E. T. She’s my favorite actress evident on the Slambook I have been answering since HighSchool.   I grew up following her seeing most of her movies when I had the movie review class in college.  Never Been Kissed,  The Wedding Singer,  Charlie’s Angels,  Riding in Cars With Boys,  Ever After, Lucky You,  all up to Music and Lyrics,  Blended,  50 First Dates,  and now her first ever series Santa Clarita Diet.

Drew Barrymore Timothy Orlyphant in Manila for Santa Clarita DietDrew Barrymore Timothy Orlyphant in Manila for Santa Clarita DietDrew Barrymore Timothy Orlyphant in Manila for Santa Clarita Diet

Last night was one of the best nights I had as a fan and a blogger because I was just a few feet away from her. I may not be able to get a photo with her the sight of her in the flesh is so surreal.

Here is my vlog about the highlights of the event:

I know Tim was given the less attention that night but he did gave a reason for Filipino’s to love him and be on our radar as he revealed some of his family’s close ties to the Philippines.

Tim lived in Davao when he was a child. His father used to work for Del Monte Philippines. His grandfather was the head of Engineering in University of the Philippines (UP Diliman).

Thank you so much Netflix Philippines for bringing Drew Barrymore to the Philippines plus a great  homecoming of Tim Olyphant.  I am still high for all that Drew Barrymore drug you gave me.

Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 will be out on March 24,2018 on Netflix. Can’t wait!

Drew Barrymore in Manila for Santa Clarita Diet

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