Watch Unsane Movie at the Directors Club Cinema and Experience Crazy

If your taste of horor movies is more for phychological terror rather than ghost and zombies , the Unsane is something you’d want to watch.

The Director’s Club Cinema invited us to an exclusive media screening of Unsane last Thursday and it was the best plqce to watch the movie having the intimate setup of your own movie house,  lazy boy seats inclusive of snacks and drinks.

One of the peeps watching the movie with us could not help himself but scream at the top of his lungs in one scene and it was quiet funny coz we all could relate to his scare!

Directed by Steven SoderbergH, nbsane is about a young woman who visits a psychiatrist,  as she believes she is being stalked by her estranged boyfriend for the last two years.   The terror begins when she becomes involuntary committed to a mental institution only to find out sje’s been followed by her stalker. Drugged and isolated,  the lead star starts doubting herself -is everything her delusion?

What’s amazing is that the entire movie was shot using an iPhone!

Unsane is screening exclusively in SM Cinema theaters starting March 21, 2018.

Book your tickets now through or use the SM Cinema app.  Follow @sm_cinema on Instagram for more info.


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