What to Expect at the First Catsup Museum by NutriAsia

Why a catsup museum?

If you didn’t know yet,  Banana Ketchup is originally made in the Philippines by a Filipino food techician Maria Orosa.  This is the reason why NutriAsia decided to create the first ever Catsup Museum, to pay homage to an original Filipino condiment.

I was fortunate to be invited to experience this quirky and educational Catsup Museum during it’s opening at the NutriAsia grounds in Cabuyao,  Laguna.  The Catsup Museum was curated by Mind Museum so expect interactive,  fun and educational installations to tickle your mind.

Being one of the first to be there let me enumerate the things to expect at the first Catsup museum not just in the Philippines but the world.

The museum is divided into four halls:

  1. History of Banana Hall where you will be taken back in time to learn where Banana comes from and hey it is not a tree!  What is it?  Visit the catsup museum to know more! How?  Will tell you at the end of this posts.First Catsup Museum Philippines
  2. Maria Orosa Hall to honor Maria Orosa,  he food technologist who invented Banana Ketchup!First Catsup Museum Philippines
  3. Manufacturing Hall where you get to see in a very interactive and educational manner the step-by-step production of the commercial banana ketsup brands we love.  Tasha love this part of the museum!First Catsup Museum Philippines
  4. Then finally,  the Banaquet Hall where you can find buffet tables with giant food installations, these foods are food we love to use banana ketchup.  How many food/dishes can you think ofthat banana ketchup is used?  Watch my vlog to see how many,  it is more than 10 dishes and food and not just fried dishes or spaghetti or lumpia and fried chicken and eggs!First Catsup Museum Philippines

The Catsup Museum does not only promote  education and Philippine history in an entertaining manner, but a means to encourage and advocate the importance of science in food manufacturing.

First Catsup Museum Philippines
Mommy bloggers and their kids invited at the Catsup Museum opening.
How to visit the firat Catsup Museum?

At the moment the museum is open by appointment only to schools within the province of Laguna.  For those outside the province or anything else you may send your inquiries at thecatsupmuseum@nutriasia.com or find it on social media @thecatsupmuseum.
First Catsup Museum
NutriAsia is the powerhouse behind the most iconic Filipino food brands that includes Silver Swan,  Datu Puti,  Mang Tomas,  UFC,  Papa,  Jufran and Golden Fiesta.

If given the chance would you viait the museum?  Comment below.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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