Banana Boat Dry Balance – A Sunblock That Can Stay Effective Even Under 7 Conditions

Summer is forever in the Philippines while rain is just an occasional thing.  With that said,  we all need a sunblock that can withstand all the situations we are put in.

Bananaboat Dry Balance

Yesterday,  I was one of the first to try out the new Banana Boat Dry Balance,  the latest broadspectrum sunblock with SPF50+PA+++ that is said to stay effective even under 7 conditions.

These are things we encounter not just on our summer outing but also at our staycation, malling, commuting to work,  doing errands and the like. These conditions are being  under the sun, getting a gush of wind, feeling the extereme heat, rolling in the sand at your beach getaway, a dip in pool , swimming by the ocean, and sweat a lot.


To convince us that these are the conditons the Banana Boat Dry Balance can withstand we were challenged to an AmazingSkinRace at Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club wherein we are placed in all those seven conditon.

This AmazeSkinRace is a race against time to complete a tasks while testing the effectiveness of the Banana Boat broad range of sunscreen but most especially the Dry Balance variant.

Bananaboat Dry Balance

The race happened 12 noon yesterday and I must say the challenges were quiet challenging because of the scorching heat of the sun that stayed on the sand making running or walking a wee bit difficult than the usual.

It was such fun tasks as we get to play with some Frisbee, paddle board by the sea,  pick pods inside an inflateble , make sand castles, use a sundial, change a paper color with our sweat,  and burn a paper using a microscope! It was definitely fun. We didn’t win but we had a great time playing.

If you want to experience the BananaBoat Amaze Skin Race you nay go to Zambales in July 2018 for free.  Visit Banan Boat socaial media pages @bananaboatph


Going back to the Dry Balance sunscreen, it comes in two variants,  the Clear Ultramists and the Lotion. There’s also a variant for kids!

Bananaboat Dry Balance

I like the scent best because it doesn’t smell like sunscreen and it feels cool when you spray it on. I didn’t think I burned but I think I got a little tan!  I also like the mositurizing effect conpared to other sunscrene that are drying.

You may find the Banana Boat products at Watsons and other major beauty stores in the country.

Do you religiously use sunscreen ?Have you tried Banana Boat products yet?

Say gorgeous everyone!

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