My Avengers Infinity War Movie Review Please Don’t Read If You Haven’t Watched

Avengers Infinity War movie review

I am sorry I had to write this right away.  I just can’t contain what I felt after watching the Avengers Infinity War movie first showing like first day here in Manila, Philippines. I am actually lost for words and I don’t know how to feel. I actually feel empty after leaving my seat before the end credits and then some right after I saw the easter egg.

When some nut case just get too obssessed with their notion that the fate of the Universe is in their hands,  a lot  (and I mean a lot)  of lives get sacrificed including the one we truly love.  That nutjob is Thanos who is willing to massacre half of the living to save it from his self proffessed inevitable destruction and his so-called destiny.

He wanted to acquire all the stones so he can eliminate half of the Universe.



You should have gone for the hand. Thanos said to Thor when he almost killed him. Yes,  Thor did got a new hammer,  the stone breaker.  But he lost as well coz Thanos lived and went to watch the sunset as everyone starts to vanish in the Universe .  Yes,  everyone includong a number of our beloved super heroes!

My breathing stopped when one by one they all vanish.  It crushes my heart.


But Dr. Strange was definitely strange when he traded the Time Stone for  Ironman’s life . “Why dis you do it? ” asked Stark.  Strange said “We are at the end of the line.”

Our superheroes were powerless against Thanos who acquired all the 5 of the infinity stones. Right before their eyes their friend,  loved one just vanish and they can’t do anything.

“What is happening? ” asked Capt. America.  Thor couln’t say anything .He was speechless like all of us in the cinema sitring watching wanting more answers.

What happens next?

I really don’t know. This was more of a Thanos movie than an Avengers movie though.  I enjoyed the cinematography the fight scene where our heroes fight hard to savr the Universe.  They win some and lose,  lose a lot coz when humanity is what you fight for “We don’t trade lives. ”

What really happens next. I am dumbfounded.  This was a surprising movie  and I am looking forward to the next,  please answer our question.

Only a few of our beloved Marvel superheroes were left. A lot of them vanished!   What did you do Marvel you must have a better next movie to explain this!


Sorry for a totally spoiler post. Don’t read yet, as I said earlier. Watch the movie.

Avengers Infinity War movie review





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