My Fujifilm X-A5 Review + Why I Think It’s the Perfect Vlogging Cam

Fujifilm X-A5 review Philippines

It’s been almost two months since I’ve had the Fujifilm X-A5. I was surprised that I have not posted about my personal review about this on the blog yet or even showed you my unboxing video, so here it is:

It is the smallest and lightest mirrorless cam to date and the design is just so pretty it can work as an outfit accessory. And totally fits my personality and my small frame. But more than it’s looks, I am also in love with the performance

Fujifilm X-A5 photo quality

The photos taken with the Fujifilm X-A5 no longer needs to be edited (except maybe you have this filter color scheme on Instagram you follow) . But as it is there is no need edit like the saturation or the brightness because it comes out perfect especially with the built in color/film texture and fast adaptation to the light environment. The light sensor in the Fujifilm X-A5 automatically adjust according to the light setting of the shooting environment or subject. But you also have an option to change exposure manually with a turn of a knob.

Here are Fujifilm X-a5 sample shots

Sulfur mountain Taipei #EarthinTaiwan

Taipei 101 #EarthinTaiwan


Self-timermode taken at Taipei 101 Observatory

Fujifilm X-A5 video capture

Crisp, vivid and alive , that is how I can describe the video capture of the Fujifilm X-A5. Quality is amazing you can almost feel like you are back in the scene when you took it. You don’t need to or want to do color gradiation anymore when you use the Fujifilm X-A5.
Aside from the video quality that is up to 4k, is how it captures sound well. Even if I don’t have a mic plugged in (yes it has a mic socket ) you can still hear narrating voice even if the narrator is whispering. Noise filtering is not that bad as it makes the main sound (your voice) the priority.

Another thing I love about the FujifilmX-A5 is the built-in video stabilzer. Even if I don’t have a gorilla pod I notice my videos are less shaky. Video flows smoothly even if I am walking fast or moving too much while filming.

4K slomo video

This is so perfect for water splashes and beauty shots. It captures every piece of water droplets fluidly and not grainy.

Please watch this first ever vlog I did using the Fujifilm X-A5 my test vlog taken at our clubhouse pool area:  I tested the 4k slomo video ,sound capture and how fast he  light adjustments go in this video below.

180 degree tilting screen

The tilting screen is also a touch screen that you can use to zoom in and zoom out or touch screen to shoot, or foucs on your shooting subject. It depends on the setting you want it to do and what you think is useful to you. You can alwo browse your album through it swiping left and right to scroll and even zooming in and out to see your photos closely.

The best part of the tilting screen is that it goes 180 degree perfect for taking selfies or self portrate and self capture using the timer or your Fujifim remote app. You can also adjust the screen to go halfway only especially if your subject is too low to see the screen.

Battery life

I am surprised that I can go use the camera all day take videos and photos without needing to change batteries or go low battery! I was expecting it to drain fast as told by my photographer friends who needs a couple time of battery changers. When I was in Taiwan I used it day and nigbt but I never needed to change batteries even if I had a spare one coz it was a freebie when I bought during the pre-selling! yay!

Here was are my #EarthinTaiwan vlogs where I used the Fujifilm X-A5 for the videos and photos:




The kit lens and the electric zooming

The kit lens is a XC15-45mmF3.5-5.6 OIS PZ. The first electronic power zoom innthe Fujinon Lens Family with a minimum shooting distance of 5c from the lense surface for macro.
I am more comfortable using the manual zooming of the lens. I haven’t got the hang of electric zooming yet. The kit lense is already perfect but it couldn’t zoom in that much if subject is far, of course. I need a prime lense.

Photo and Video sharing

With the Fujifilm remote app sharing or transfering photos and videos from your camera to your fone is a breeze. This feature is perfect for Instagrammers who want high-quality photos to share on their Instagram account without having to wait a long time for transfering images. The app is also great for self capture videos and photos.


I believe this is the perfect camera for vloggers , light weight and compact with advanced features you can’t find in other vlogging camera. It also looks really pretty. Hang it around your neck and you won’t suffer from stiff neck haha. I am so glad that my upgrade from smartfone to SLR camera is this it was the best purchase I had, not wanting anything else at the moment, even those top of the line smartphones that can capture images like an SLR can convince me to get them. I am happy with my Fujifilm X-A5. It’s the best investment I’ve had lately. Thanks to Mr. Ted Claudio for the recommendation I had to consult him about which cam to get for my first slr. He is so helpful answering all my questions.


Fujifilm X-A5 review Philippines

Most of my photos and videos from March 5, 2017 are taken using Fujifilm X-A5.

You can check my Instagram @earthlingorgeous or my Youtube channel for more photo and video references . If there is something I am missing with my Fujifilm X-A5 review let me know at the comment section below.

Fujifilm X-A5 retails at Php34,990 in the Philippines. For full specs and where to buy visit Fujifilm .

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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