Generation Gap is Real #WeareForever21

I guess moving to another age bracket this year just gave me a totally new perspective on fashion and beauty and life in general.

I attended the launch of Forever 21 Philippines #WeareForever21 cmpaign releasing their Summer 2018 collection and new brand ambassadors and I absolutely had a hard time connecting with them anymore.

Not that the styles are not applealing I guess the way they deliver the message was a little off.  First claiming that the brand ambassadors they launched are the first ever Forever 21 Philippines brand ambassadors  ain’t factual.  The first were introduced 8 years ago when the brand was fairly new in the country.

Also maybe because of generation gap lol,  I don’t know any of those they introduce except for one whom. I have worked with in another campaign.

Instead also on focusing on the brand and the syle they asked the attendees to focus on the ambassadors.   They are selling clothes not convincing people to beleieve the people they selected.

While these kids may actually reflect the so called today’s generation of Filipino Youth. They were selected for a reason,  they work hard and play haed,  I know one of them so they were selected with the same categories.

I love the clothes.. No doubt about it. I am maybe too old and too tita and picky to buy in to the look at them you wanna be them or false claims that they were thr first to bring more hype.  Knowing your brand and being a credit grabber totally blows. Or is it just me who believes that way and that generation gap I am now experiencing.

Anyways take a look at gorgeous Forever 21 San Tropez collection for Summer 2018 #WeareForever21 as worn by the models and their latest brand ambassadors.

#WeareForever21 #WeareForever21 #WeareForever21 #WeareForever21

I would like to name the brand ambassadors but the press release they gave us don’t have names. I only know one Helen Payawal and she deserves to be there and represent the plus size community .

I am sorry this sounded like a rant more than a praise I should learn to shut up my mouth sometines but if I don’t speak who else will. I will just take the hate and spark the thought of what’s going around than be one of the mute ones who does nothing .

Say gorgeous everyone!

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