Packing Light for Your Travels (Beauty Kit)

Packing light is nearly impossible for a lot of women I know. For one,  if you are like me who packs every necessary skin care, hygiene and makeup products I need that would take almost one-third or even half of my luggage. What I pack depends on the trolley size I am using or number of days I will be away and if going local or out-of-the-country.

Here’s some useful tips you can do on how to pack light for your travels:

Bring sachets packs instead of full size bottles.

Save those ample sachets you get from your full size purchases at beauty stors coz they are pretty handy for your travels!

Packing light for your travels

Get travel size packaged skincare,  makeup and beauty products .

A lot of skincare product offer travel size packs now especially with the 100ml rule on liquid items for hand carry items on airports.

How to pack light for your travels

The new Cathy Doll travel size makeup are pretty smart thing to add to your packing light for your travels arsenals. I love how tiny the compact powder and Nude Me lipsticks travel size are they actually fit in my pocket but don’t get too bulky.

How to pack light for your travels How to pack light for your travels How to pack light for your travels
The mini-sized Cathy Doll makeup products are sold at less than half the price of the regular sized items and can be bought at 711,Watsons, SM beauty stores nationwide! How convenient can that be!

Lastly, Use clear pouch so you can easily see the products you have!
How to pack light for your travels

With a beeauty kit as light and compacr as this you have more space in your luggage or backpack for more clothes or shoes or your gadgets!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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