Expectations vs. Reality at Inflatable Island Philippines

Inflatable Island review

If I remember it right it was last quarter of 2017 when Inflatable Island,  a beach adorned with giant inflatbles or floaters and colorful umbrellas and beach lounging chairs officially opened.  They even tapped social media personalities for a free visit as long as they rave about them on their accounts.

Inflatable Island, said to be the first and biggest floating playground in Asia, is located at Subic, Zambales about 2-3 hours drive from Manila along Samba beach.

Let me set your expectations right first if you plan on going there.

Online Booking

My family went the weekend of Labor Day 2018 , booked our ticket online because they said it would be more convenient and we will get a 10% discount compared to going there as a walk in.  I was in for a big disappointment (along with everyone else on the online registration line with us) . What was supposedly convenient online registration became frustration for those who availed of it because their online booking system sucked. Because those who availed of it have to follow same procedure and longer wait line compared to those who walked in. It took us about more than an hour almost two to get our ticket and arm bands  So,  what was the use of online booking again?

Inflatable island Philippines review

Inflatable Island review

Check out that line, on the far right was the walk-in on the left from where I took the shot was the line for online registered clients. Line was long and everyone was subjected to wait under the scorching heat of the sun!

Here are the rates for Inflatable Island
Inflatable island

The beach and play area

It is a 5 minute walk from the entrance to the colorful Bali Lounge of Inflatable island. As pictured online the place is very Instagram worthy. Pretty colorful theme that can melt your annoyance away.

Inflatable island
Inflatable island
Inflatable island
Inflatable island
The Bali lounge is free to use by Inflatable Island armband holder or those who purchase any of the playtime tickets. You can stay on the lounge as long as you want for the entire day.

Expectations vs Reality

The playtime you paid for is actually your time allotment to play on the giant inflatables in the middle of the beach. Life vest are provided, there are play Marshall’s everywhere to assure safety of those playing. It is like bouncing, sliding, playing on a giant inflatable playground except it is floating on water. Water under could be 10 feet and above so wear your life jacket all the time.

We didn’t use our play time because we were with a senior and PWD, better safe than sorry. Anyway my daughter and mom. Enjoyed the beach area, plus there are giant swans, flamingos and fish floaters anyway.

Inflatable island review
Inflatable island

Nobody told us it was difficult to get on those giant bird floaters. We wanted a group photo or atleast daughter on it with me or with my ate. We planned on me up first then Tasha then sis but no, it was too difficult sis and Tasha gave up, mom tried , she gave up too. So as to make the daunting climb to the floater worth it, I spent time on it a little bit longer.

Inflatable island expectations vs realitu

Inflatable island Philippines

Inflatable island Philippines

Inflatable island

Food and drinks

There are a lot of places to buy food in the area. There is some kind of food court just behind the Bali Lounge serving different kinds from snacks to grilled to rice meals. Not a lot of them sells water though. Mineral water is Php25 when you find one. Rice meals and sadwiches starts at Php100.

The playground

Anywhere on those colorful giant floaters is the playground and that is what you are paying for playtime . So if you get sprinkle (check rate chart above) you spend one hour there and so on and so forth .

Inflatable Island playground

Inflatable island

The beach

Anywhere not on those giant floating playground is the beach and is free to access to all Inflatable Island playground ticket holder for the entire day.

Inflatable island
Inflatable island
Inflatable island

Was it worth it?

We paid for the Php799 spray play time (refer at the above photo for the rates) . It was supoosedly 4 hours on the giant inflatables but we didn’t use it. I should have opted for the sprinkle or splash instead since we didn’t go on the inflatable playground anyway.   The website or their facebook page did not explain well that the hour you paid for are time you can be on the inflatable playground itself.  You will only realize it when you are there (lol)  or I was slow understanding the entrance and pass lol.

Anyway,  if you don’t plan to spend too much time on the inflatable playground then get the shorter time,  you can spend whole day on the beach anyway.

Inflatable Island is a nice place for a beach getaway no doubt about it, plus the Instagram worthy view and colors appeals very much to the millenials. Aside from the hitch on their online booking process on-site and not much sellers selling water, it is a good place to visit for your summer vacay. You may visit Inflatable Island on Facebook for other inquiry.

There are no overnight stay at Inflatable Island only day tours and passes. If you want you can book hotels near the area just visit Agoda for bookings.

I do hope they fixed their online booking system process on-site if they really encourage guests to do so.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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