Four Tips for Busy Moms to Find More Time

Tips for busy moms

It can be very hard for busy moms to find a little extra time, especially if they feel guilty about it. However, having a little extra time each day can be a godsend.
Moms who have a little extra time can use it pamper themselves, read a book, or they can use it to play in the backyard with the kids. The challenge is freeing up that time so you aren’t stuck working and doing chores every minute of every day.

Here are four tips that will help even the busiest moms find at least a few extra minutes each day.

Manage Your Money from Home

Money management can cause some huge headaches. Not only do you have to deal with your finances, it also often involves going into the bank or another institution to get everything ironed out.

You can save a lot of time by managing your money from home. Check your bank account on the computer, pay your utility bills online, and use the app from Remitly to send money to friends or family overseas. That way simple money chores only take a few minutes instead of an entire afternoon.

Order What You Can Online

How much time do you spend running between stores? From picking up new shorts for your budding basketball player to shopping for groceries, you probably spend a lot of time in the car and in stores.
Instead, order what you can online!

Amazon has made it extremely easy to buy everything you need online. From workout clothes to paper towels, you can have nearly anything you can imagine sent to your door in just one day.

Did you know many grocery stores do delivery? Just fill out your list online and someone will drop your groceries off at your door!

Let Someone Else Take over Your Chores

There are tons of chores around the house that you can ask someone else to do. Ask the kids to pitch in or hire a professional to help. A few chores you can get someone else to do include:
• Cleaning
• Mowing the lawn
• Putting up holiday lights
• Driving the kids to after school activities
• Scheduling appointments

Reduce Time Spent Online

Some of the time you spend online can’t be avoided. Some of the time you spend online makes it to your to-do list, even though it shouldn’t.

It’s amazing how responding to posts on social media and browsing websites online can easily become part of your daily routine, but it takes away from other things you could be doing.

Turn off the notifications on your phone and schedule the time you spend checking social media and email so you can spend more of your time doing something meaningful.

As a busy mom, you may not be able to free up hours of your day, but a few minutes here and there means you just may find yourself with an extra 20 minutes to soak in the tub, play catch in the yard with the kids, or read that new novel you’ve been meaning to get to.

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