indoor garden

6 Ideas to create a lush and colorful garden

At times like these we are all beginning to appreciate our outside spaces much more.  It’s a safe haven.  A place where we can forget the troubles of the world for a few hours. 

But if your garden is looking a bit dull and lifeless, you might be wondering how you can improve it. Whether you add plants to make it greener or install decorative features for more color, there’s a lot you can do.  So, here’s some ideas to help you create a lush and colorful garden space.  

Adding some structural plants

Adding plants will instantly add color and interest to a garden. Introducing an array of unusual plants that will grow to different height levels is a great way to stop your garden looking flat and boring.  A mix of trees and tall flowering plants will add the height, whilst plants with lots of different shaped leaves will add the texture.  

Add plants such as the vibrant Bougainvillea for a big splash of color, and spiky Bromeliads and ornate Orchids for color and texture.  Make sure you pick plants that can thrive in hot and rainy weather to ensure year-round greenery.

Growing your own

Growing your own food is being actively encouraged at the moment, so we can all benefit from fresh produce.  You can grow fruit and vegetables in any garden, even the smallest of spaces.  So why not think about growing your own fruit and vegetables?  You can grow them in raised beds or containers to keep it simple to manage.  

Start with things that are easy to grow such as tomatoes, eggplants and kamote (sweet potato).  Or keep it really simple with small planters or boxes for growing salad leaves and herbs.  Once you’ve got the hang of how to grow your own, you can start planting up your favourite vegetables and fruit.  This is not only a great way to create a lush looking garden but you’ll have fresh food to pick and eat.

Ornamental elements

Adding ornamental features to your garden can help you create a specific design or theme. Improve your garden’s appeal with decorative garden bridges, stone spheres and miniature pagodas.  Scattering ornamental features like these will add shape and style to your garden almost instantly.  

Think about adding paths made from stepping-stones or decorative pebbles.  Design them to wind through your garden, curving around your tall plants and through flower borders to create a magical meandering space.

Add different themed zones

If you’re thinking of having a themed garden, why not introduce different zoned areas?  You could create a water feature zone, an exotic or tropical plant zone, and a wild nature zone for example.  Match your plants and garden ornaments to each zone’s theme.

Creating a beautiful boundary

Don’t forget to give your boundary walls and fences a bit of a refresh too.  These can often be the plainest part of the garden, but they don’t have to be!  Think about trailing climbing plants along them or installing a vertical garden.  

If this isn’t practical, then you could still add a splash of color by using some wall or fence paint.  Make sure you use a paint that’s suitable for the outdoors and try to coordinate the colors with your garden’s flowers.

Somewhere to sit

It’s a nice idea to add some seating to your garden, so you can relax and enjoy all your hard work.  You could choose a hammock or garden swing for lazy days, or a dining table and chairs for entertaining family and friends.  Position your seating so that you get the best view of your new garden’s best features.

And for smaller spaces

Of course, you may only have a small garden or just a balcony available to you.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t turn this into a colorful haven with plants.  You could even grow a few vegetables.  It just takes a bit of creativity.  

Many plants and vegetables will grow very happily in containers. Hanging planters and baskets require even less space and will add lots of color.  For balconies, add decorative screening to make it look more appealing, and add mirrors to create the feeling of space.