How Your Weekend Routine is Affecting Your Appearance

Show of hands: who here tends to let their healthy diet slide once the weekend comes? Don’t worry if you raised your hand. It’s actually normal to be more unhealthy during the weekend even after a nutritious week full of wholesome meals and exercising! When you’re finally free from the long office shifts and ready to see your friends loved ones after a productive week, it’s natural to want to let loose and party!

But the thing is – the routine of an indulgent weekend can take a toll on your body and appearance if you aren’t careful and don’t practice moderation.

Keep reading below to learn how your weekend routine is affecting your appearance:

Cheat meals and junk food

After a week of eating clean and exercising, indulging in a cheat meal or your favorite junk food for the weekend is the greatest reward. But if you’ve been trying to lose weight and haven’t seen the results you wanted despite your effort perhaps, the issue is how you’re eating on the weekend. Weight gain is more common on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday than any other day of the week! In addition, too much cheat food not only prevents you from shedding extra pounds, it affects the skin on your face. Sugar increases insulin levels which leads to blotchy and sallow cheeks. Sodium, on the other hand, causes bloat and dehydration thanks to the excessive amounts of salt, and even gluten has been shown to trigger breakouts and uneven pigmentation of skin tone.


A universal fact is that alcohol is significantly cheaper on the weekend thanks to happy hour. As a result, you’re going to feel more inclined to splurge on a couple more drinks and toast the evening. Evidently, however, drinking alcohol can sometimes be worse than eating junk food! Alcohol calories always count; in fact, one bottle of bear equals seven sliced of bread! You’ll notice that prolonged drinking causes redness in the face, dehydration, and even enlarges pores.

Sleep deprivation

Do you have a tendency of staying up too late and painting the town red the entire evening? Think about how you always feel the morning afterwards; a majority of the time, it probably won’t be great. That’s because sleep deprivation impacts both the quality and duration of your sleep! During sleep, your body undergoes a regeneration period of rebuilding tissues during the REM cycle. Without it, the body cannot properly recover and regain energy. Furthermore, you’ll notice that a lack of sleep leads to dark circles and the skin is noticeably thinner on the face due to a lack of proper blood flow.

Fall asleep with makeup on

Any woman can relate to the feeling of not wanting to remove makeup after a long night. Going to bed with makeup may initially seem harmless, but it’s actually one of the worst things you can do for your skin! Leftover makeup encourages bacterial growth on the surface of your skin, clogs pores, causes acne, and creates fine lines and wrinkles.


Last but not least, smoking, even just as a social gesture, can have lasting and permanent effects on your appearance. Nicotine and carbon monoxide in cigarettes depletes both oxygen flow and vitamins, which rapidly accelerates the effects of aging on the face and neck. Subsequently, they cause yellowing in the teeth and nails, and hair loss.

When the weekend starts to roll around again, think twice about diving into it without any intention of practicing moderation. Indulging in a cheat meal and few drinks never hurts and is only concerning if the consumption of both is excessive. Don’t be scared of the myths that tell you otherwise! Additionally, never sacrifice a solid seven or eight hours of sleep, remove the makeup off your face no matter how tired you are, and say no to any kind of smoking. Your body will thank you once you come back to work on Monday morning since you will look fresh, rejuvenated, and just as healthy as you were last week.

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