Tips in Choosing Necklines According to Your Own Body Type

There are so many dresses out there,  but which one best suits you according to your body type?  Today in this post, you will discover some popular types of necklines and the ones that favor you the most.  This will depend largely on the shape of your shoulders, neck, arms and especially chest . Do you want to know more? Just keep reading…

First of all, it must be made clear that each woman is different. That’s why each one has a different type of silhouette: Triangle, inverted triangle, straight, hourglass, round, etc. It can’t be said that the V neckline only favor a particular type of silhouette. It is not true. Everything can favor any type of silhouette as long as you take into account: the color, the texture, the fall of the fabric, the sleeves or the absence of sleeves, the cut of the garment and so on.

Every aspect of your body can influence the kind of neckline that will look best on you.  Plunging necklines works for a lot but it depends onnthe level of confidence one has when wearing it. Some are okaybto show some skin and cleavage,  some don’t. There are interesting plunging neckline  such as Plunging Neckline Embroidered Swing Dress, Black Backless Cut Out Halter Sleeveless Dress, Maxi Floral Printed Empire Waist Dress With Tube Top and so on you can find here. But…the choice should be adjustable to your own body. For example, Black Backless Cut Out Halter Sleeveless Dress is useful to hide your big body. Regardless of the type of silhouette you have, each one can have sagging or squared shoulders, thin or thick arms, long and stylized neck or shorter neck … You have to take all these things into account!

The types!

1. The V-neck

The V-neck is one of the classics. This type is suggestive, since it is pronounced.

– Lengthens the neck
– It adapts to different types of bust
– Enhances the small chest
– It adapts easily to any type of shoulder (either fine or wide)

– Narrow shoulders
– If the neckline is very pronounced, it does not enhance the narrow hips

2. Round necklines

This type is more discreet than the previous one. The round neckline fixes the attention on the chest, widening the shoulders.

– Increases the chest
– Widens shoulders
– Lengthens neck
– For all types of silhouettes

– Widens the waist
– If you have a sleeve, it will look like square or fallen shoulders
– Makes your arms seem thicker

3. Boat necklines

This type takes its name because it looks like the bottom of a boat.

– Lengthens the neck
– Increases the chest
– It conceals the waist, making it look narrower
– Enhances the silhouette by adding a couple of centimeters of height
– Perfect for inverted triangle, straight or hourglass bodies

– Widens shoulders, if the neckline is wider
– With long sleeves, it will conceal wide arms
– Without magicians, it will make your arms wider
– It will enlarge your hips, but if you add a low belt, it will disguise them

4. The asymmetrical necklines

The asymmetrical necklines can be very different. The most used are those that have a different sleeve from the other.

– It favors any type of shoulders
– Lengthens the neck
– It favors all types of silhouettes, since the asymmetric touch provides the silhouette
– Helps disguise a large or small breast
– Hides wide arms

– Narrows shoulders, if one sleeve is longer than the other
– Visually narrows your hips, so if you have an inverted triangle body, it will not go very well

Whatever your choice, you should buy from reputable stores. Buying online is recommended since it doesn’t need you to spend hours on the road and when you’re going to do so, consider Zaful as your first option. It’s one of the complete online fashion shops available in the Net.

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