Things to Pack When Planning to Visit Mumbai During Summer


So you have finally made your mind to visit Mumbai – the city of dreams! It is nice that you are preparing in advance for your summer trip to Mumbai. Moreover, you should congratulate yourself because you have landed on the right page. We will tell you what to pack and what to leave behind while going on a trip to Mumbai.

People from around the country visit Mumbai because of its historical buildings, Bollywood, and a nightlife, unlike others. Varanasi is a hold city on the banks of the river Ganga and has little fewer commonalities with Mumbai. However, several people from this religious town visit Mumbai on a regular basis. Some come for their career, while other for religious purposes. Despite being parts of the same country, Mumbai and Varanasi have a different atmosphere. So, it is crucial for you to be prepared well.

Before we proceed to give you the packing tips let us tell you that it is imporant to book you Varanasi to Mumbai flight as early as possible. Booking your Varanasi to Mumbai flight in advance will also get you the best deals.

Cotton and Linen Clothes – The atmosphere of Mumbai is hot and humid. So, the best choice of clothes is cotton or linen. Avoid taking clothes made from nylon or polyester base. They will be really uncomfortable in Mumbai. However, you should keep a jacket or shawl with you because the indoor temperature of malls or other public places can be really low. Cotton clothes are also easy to wash and dry. Mumbai is not a place where you can wear same clothes two days in a row without washing them.

Raincoat and Boots – The rains of Mumbai are unpredictable. So, when you are in Mumbai, you should always have raincoat and boots to save you from the heavy rains of Mumbai. When you plan to save yourself from getting wet, you should also not forget your dear Smartphone. If you don’t have a waterproof pouch for your mobile, you must get it before boarding a flight to Mumbai.

Medicine Box – The hot and humid atmosphere is the perfect breeding condition for viruses and bacteria causing problems like flu, fever, cold and indigestion. It will be quite problematic to start searching for a chemist or doctor after getting ill. So, it is in your best interest that you keep a box of medicine with yourself. Meet your physician and get the names of medicines for common health problems mentioned above.

Thermos flask Bottle – Mumbai is not a city where you can drink water from just ant tap or fountain. While roaming around in Mumbai, it is best to carry your own water bottle. You might get mineral water bottles at many places in Mumbai, but the temperature will literally boil the water in the plastic bottles. So, you should have a thermos flask bottle with you to keep drinking water comfortably cool.

Things to protect from the sun – While wandering in Mumbai, you’ll constantly be followed by the scorching sun. So, make sure you are ready with your armours like sunscreen lotion, sunglasses, and hat. These are essential things if you don’t want to return tanned entirely after your trip to Mumbai. The sun can damage your hairs too. So, you should try to keep your hairs covered when you go outside in Mumbai.

Comfortable Shoes – Mumbai is a very crowded city. Everywhere you go, you’ll find lots of people and that too in a hurry. So, don’t make the mistake of wearing heels of slippers. Shoes are the best footwear to keep your feet safe and secure in the crowd of Mumbai. Despite being a metro city, Mumbai has streets with potholes and bumps. So, make sure your shoes are comfortable enough to walk on the streets of Mumbai.

Toiletries – If you need to go, you’ll get public toilets almost everywhere in Mumbai. However, these public toilets are mostly unmaintained. So, on the first place, you should try avoiding those toilets. However, you should have your personal toiletries like toilet-paper and hand-sanitizer with you for the emergency case. You cannot rely on any public toilets of Mumbai.

Keep these things, and your trip to Mumbai should go smoothly. Remember, to book your Varanasi to Mumbai flight in advance for best prices!

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