Real-world steady, STI-ready

There’s the big buzz about the country’s free tuition law, and many parents are now waiting to get slots in state universities and college (SUCs) and local universities and colleges (LUCs) for the free tuition.

Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that all the children who want a free education will be accepted.

Some parents continue to wait for results of entrance exams for SUCs and LUCs, without securing an alternative school in case their kids are not accepted in the government’s free education program.

If you, or someone you know, is one of these parents in that situation then please consider the timing and opportunities involved.

There are private schools that provide quality education, modern and high-tech facilities–at a very affordable tuition.

One such school that I found is STI.  I used to think STI was just a computer school. But no. I learned that it’s a full-fledged network of private schools, universities, and colleges across the country.

STI is long-known as a leader in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) education. However, today it is equally known for quality programs in Business Management, Engineering, Healthcare, and even Hospitality and Tourism Management.

Merit in the name

STI has rightly earned its reputation as a quality and more importantly, relevant educational institution.

STI makes sure that its curriculum and programs make your child ready for the real world–skilled and competent in the kind of jobs employers are offering.

Companies today know and expect that STI graduates are qualified, dependable, and trustworthy employees and professionals.

Better jobs, better careers

I was also glad to learn that STI has an Enrolment to Employment (E2E) Program. This means that STI graduates have an easier time finding jobs and starting their careers, thanks to agreements between STI and partner companies and agencies.

STI is where dreams can take flight – all backed by solid know-how and real-life opportunities.

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