Leaders Philipines Grand Launch + a Week of Leaders Facial Mask

Leaders is one of the facial masks from Korea that I love.  It is one of the best facial sheet masks available in the market today and with their name implies they are the leader in this industry.

Leaders Facial Masks

It was great to have a refresher course about Leaders during their grand launch and hear the science behind their amazing facial mask.  Wouldn’t it be great to  see how they’re done in person?  ?

Leaders has dozens of facial masks that is safe to use everyday!  Yes everyday!

They had an interactive booths at the launch with a skin analyzer and free consultation to tell which Leaders face masks is best for you.   Here’s the result of my skin test:

Leaders Facial Masks Skin analysis

This is what they recommended for me according to my test results.

Leaders Facial Masks

Pretty awesome to know right?

Well,  since most of you were not there to get your skin analyzed.

Here is a week of Leaders Facial Masks you can use depending on the day of the week.

Leaders Facial Masks

  • Monday – Prep the skin for the week use the Shining Effect Brightening Pearl Masks
  • Tuesday – Give the skin the nutrient it needs use the Aquaringer Skin Clinic Masks
  • Wednesday – Don’t let breakouts ruin your midweek use AC-Calming Mild Cotton Mask
  • Thursday – it’s almost the weekend,  beware of tired skin use Snail Therapy Skin Clinic Masks
  • Friday – Ready for Friday night use Amini Pore-Tight Mask
  • Saturday – Soothe and calm the tired skin use Bio Healthy Multi Mask Soothing
  • Sunday – Regenerate skin Vital Advanced Facial Masks

Leaders Facial Masks

Leaders Facials Masks is now available at all Watsons branch ,SM Beauty Store and CNA.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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