Me and my Child with Autism Bonding over Kinder Joy

Children with autism are likely to have less interest in typical things than a normal child. Just like my daughter Tasha, she is easy to please, but she gets disinterested with things really fast. When I introduced her to Kinder Joy, which we saw stacked by the snack aisle of our favorite grocery store, I was unsure of her reaction to it once we started opening one.

We sat together and I started to have her acquainted with a Kinder Joy. She looked at it intently and one by one, we started to open it.

Mom and Child Bonding over Kinder Joy

Fortunately, it went well. To both our delight, Tasha responded well with great enthusiasm when I started handing her the Kinder Joy.

It was nice to see how she was very curious to see what’s inside the product as we started to unveil it one by one. The great thing about Kinder Joy is that it is a combination of edible product and an exciting toy, which makes the reveal twice as fun and a real treat.

Mom and Child Bonding over Kinder Joy

Half of the egg was the toy reveal. Tasha likes tearing stuff, so this was pleasing to her. The other half was the milky and cocoa cream with 2 crispy wafer balls. She likes sweets, so it definitely made her happy!

Mom and Child Bonding over Kinder Joy

Aside from Kinder Joy itself, you can also download the free Magic Kinder App available on iOS and Google Play. I downloaded it myself, so Tasha can play with it. I am glad to have downloaded this app for her to play with. Aside from the content being educational and entertaining, it is interactive and safe for kids (unlike the random stuff you see on YouTube).

Kinder Joy is now available in all leading supermarkets, groceries and convenience stores! #kinderjoyphilippines #worldofkj Visit the Kinder Joy Facebook page for more info.

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