Why Hire An All-in-One Marketing Services Agency

Finding an agency that can cater to traditional and digital marketing these days is essential for the success of a bussiness.  Professional and experienced agencies like this can help your company cope in the new face of sales and marketing . OMNI Channel Marketing Consultancy Inc.  is one of those agency who has been around for 25 years and knows about traditional and digital marketing,  ICT,  franchising,  leasing,  activation and events.

They recently partnered with CEITEX who does consumer electronics and information technology Expo in the country and will have their first event together to promote technological advancement and multiple concepts to happen this November 2-4, 2018.

I got acquainted with them a couple days ago over lunch at Crowne Plaza Manila where I learnes that CEITEX does franchising for as low as Php150,000 and OMNI Marketing will do all the nitty-gritty of starting the franchise for you and you can have your own business running.

A sample of the franchises you can own is the GadFetcher (Gadget Fetcher)  a pop-up mobile phone , accessory,  and repair services.

Look them up in case you want to own such kind of business.

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