#HairColorGoals : How I Transitioned from Brunette to Silver Blonde (Part 2)

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#HairColorGoals : How I Transitioned from Brunette to Silver Blonde (Part 2)

After posting the first part of my hair transformation story,  a lot of friends,  colleagues and strangers have seen my silver blonde hair.  Everyone loved it and believed I should keep this hair color because it suits me very well!  This is such a big stroke in my ego plus a great reward from all that I’ve been through changing my hair color. From meeting a salon with so called senior stylist from hell to meeting an entire team of hair salon with blonde hair as their expertise.

While all salon can color your hair blonde or any color you like for that matter, not all of them really knows what their doing.  Some are just there to experiment on your hair and not care at all about the integrity of your hair and if they can really achieve what you want.


I stumbled upon The Color Bar styling by Jof salon when I was invited at their opening day.   I even talked to Jof, the owner of the salon and was impressed by his credentials.  He has been doing blonde hair coloring and hair care since he got back from the U.S. He has been doing private by appointment sessions especially for his clients who are natural blonde and studied about Asian hair who wants to transition from brunette to blonde like me.

After the horrible experience my hair went through at the salon with a V in SM Megamall,   I immediately went to The Color Bar for a hair emergency,  color correcting appointment.

#haircolorgoals from brunette to platinum blonde

It took 3 of their best senior stylist plus him to correct the color of my hair and give me a hair color that I can walk proudly to.

It went through a process called glam washing, where they removed all the hair color that was put in my hair. Remember all the orange,green,grey and yellow mix in my hair , they washed it out.

They also used bond builders together with the lightener on my hair to keep my hair integrity and prevent it from further damage.  They used the Olaplex system to be exact.  Lightening is same a bleaching.   So yes they bleached my hair.

I really feared getting my hair bleached coz I always thought it was a painful process. Fortunately , I had a strong pain tolerance that I really didn’t feel pain. Maybe it was psycological too,  coz all I want is to get my hair fixed no matter what it takes,  all else does not matter.

After achieving the lightest my hair can handle, they added toners on my hair.

This is how it looked after:

#haircolorgoals from brunette to platinum blonde#haircolorgoals from brunette to platinum blonde

I had this hair color for about a month because my hair needs rest from all the torture it had been through imagine couple times of bleach and a number of hair coloring and toner tjeu put on it.

I followed Kid’s hair care advise especially the home care remedies I can use whole waiting for my next #haircolorgoals appointment with them.

Some of the fake blonde hair care treatment I was recommended was using :

  • 1. Purple Shampoo to prevent my hair from being brassy.  Brassiness or looking like the color of rust is one of the Asian hair attributes.  Purple shampoo prevents the brassiness to come out.
  • 2. Coconut oil.   While the virgin coconut oil you can buy anywhere is okay.  The one you cook yourself from the motor to the pan to make latik is more effective.   Apply the coconut hair onto your hair an scalp to prevent hair from getting brittle and dry. It also makes your hair softer and smoother.
  • 3. Do not shampoo everyday!  Shampoo as less as you can because shampooing strips off moisture from hair.
  • 4. Get professional hair treatment to use at home. I bought Olaplex 3. I will show you how to use it on my next vlog so subscribe to my YouTube Channel MsEarthRullan if you haven’t.

People liked my step 1 blonde and think it is fine to go with it. But of course my hair color goals was platinum blonde or close to it if my hair can take it!


Fast forward to a month after (which is the present)  I went to my step 2 hair color treatment at The Color Bar.


Step 2 was less daunting for me. I think it was also psychological. I feel at ease at The Color Bar and trust that they will take care of my hair and won’t allow me to go bald.   Bob and Desiree were the ones who did my hair coloring this time,  no need from supervision from Jof they know what they’re doing plus Bob and Des were the other two who handled my hair first time.

Like I said,  the second time was less daunting. I went through hair treatment first so my hair won’t break),   lightening (bleach)  , and then toning.

After 5 hours!


Where to get platinum blonde hair color


My #haircolorgoals achieved!


If you would like  to be as blonde as Khalesi or Storm , go to The Color Bar Styling by Jof located at Forbeswood Heights BGC Taguig just across  the Mind Museum!  Tell them you heard about them from me and get 20% off on all your treatment!


BTW,  do you think I should  keep this hair color  ?


Stay gorgeous everyone!



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