Mestiza Healthy White Soap
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Mestiza Healthy Skin Soap – A Whitening Soap with All Natural Ingredients

Mestiza is the Spanish world for a girl with fair skintone.  In the Philippines it is more taken as a compliment when you are told your mestiza.  For some colonial mentality embedded in the Filipino system for 200 years or more white skin is superior to morena Filipina skin.  This is why whitening soaps sells like hotcake in the country.  People want to achieve a light skin complexion.

Personally, I don’t have anything against whitening soap or anyone who loves using them.  If they use it to look better than they already are I am all for it. If it makes someone feel more confident and happy about themselves to make their daily tasks more easier to face go ahead and use it.

What I am against is subjecting the skin to incredible amount of chemicals (like bleach) to get lighter skin.  It damages your skin natural immunity making you kore susceptible to sun exposure. You know restricting you to go enjoy the beach .  A five minute walk with just even very little sunlight will be daunting to your skin because your skin has become sensitive.

Mestiza Healthy White Soap

Just recently, I discovered Mestiza Healthy Skin Soap, a whitening soap that has no bleach in it.  They have been in the market for about a decade already and claim to use all natural ingredients .  I was skeptical at first until they did a face-to-face demo on how they make their all natural Mestiza healthy skin soap.

Watch the video below to see how they make an all natural Mestiza healthy skin soap:

What’s in Mestiza soaps?

Basically what I saw were virgin coconut oil, calamansi extract, Papaya extract, banana extract and a couple of ingredients that we’re mixed together and placed in a mold to harden and become the soap they package and stamoed by hand!

Mestiza’s main ingredient is the world-famous, and may probably even be considered “superfood” Virgin Coconut Oil as well as high-grade coconut oil. The Virgin Coconut Oil is really such an amazing oil, do you know that even at my work, this is being used to help treat prematures to help gain weight? Physicians usually order them to be added in their breastmilk (or formula if there is a contraindication to use of breast milk). Sometimes, it is also being ordered to be mixed for skin or hair care.  For skin’s benefits, virgin coconut oil is known to have a natural anti-bacterial properties and are gentle enough for people with acne and eczema.

MESTIZA soap also yields an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, antiseptic and anti-microbrial properties that is quickly absorbed by the skin’s inner layers. The active effect help clean, fade away and remove small scars caused by acne or pimples, itchiness, scaling caused by dermatitis and psoriasis, eczema, and other minor skin infections or allergies. The most evident result? Wash thoroughly with every use and you can see healing and feel nourishment for your skin.

Mestiza healthy skin soap has five variants that is catered to different skin type and skin concerns.

  • Mestiza Original Soap

Mestiza Healthy White SoapContains Papaya Extract for lightening and hydrating skin.

  • Prime Bountiful Violet
Mestiza Healthy White Soap
Designed for normal to dry skin. It contains Lavender Fragrance Oil.
  • Prime Green Serenity Soap
Mestiza Healthy White Soap
Designed for oily skin. It contains Green Apple Fragrance Oil.
  • Scarlet Rose Soap
Mestiza Healthy White Soap
Designed for normal to oily skin. It contains Herbal Essence Fragrance Oil.
  • Earth Brown Soap
Mestiza Healthy White Soap
Designed for dry skin. It contains Patchouli Fragrance Oil.

Mestiza Healthy Soaps is now owned and distributed by Organique Skincare Inc. Each bar is sold at Php53.00 .  For more information visit their Facebook Page Mestiza Philippines or follow them o  Instagram @mestizaph .

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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