I got three Avon products related question from my readers and I decided to answer them at the same time. I hope I am not too late in answering Pie’s question though, I’ve been a bit busy and still am but its time to give time to my readers questions again.

Here goes:

How to use the ANEW 360 White Line

Sender’s name : pie
Good day! I want to use the anew serum with the anew 360 white products but i don’t know which of the items am going to start with…..

Dear Pie,

The Anew 360 White Line comes with six (6) products in it:

  1. Anew 360 White Clarifying Cleanser
  2. Anew 360 White Activating Lotion
  3. Anew 360 White Intensive Correcting Serum
  4. Anew 360 White Protective Cream SPF20/PA++
  5. Anew 360 White Vitalizing Cream
  6. (NEW) Anew 360 White Ultra UV Shield SPF50/PA++

If you have the complete line here is a photo guide on how to use it from left to right:

Day time use:

Clarifying Cleanser, Activating Lotion (toner), Intensive Corrective Serum, Protective Cream and 30 minutes before going out in the sun apply the Ultra UV Shield (sunblock)

Night time use:
Clarifying Cleanser, Activating Lotion (toner) Intensive Corrective Serum, and Vitalizing Cream.

The day and night cream can be very confusing as they come in the same packaging although the night cream comes in a slightly darker container. So I suggest reading the labels carefully. The Vitalizing Cream is for nigh time use while the Protective Cream is for day time.

I hope this post helps!


Sender’s name : Nikki Bagona
Hey, I’m thinking of buying Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Moisture Seduction Lipstick in Tangerine. I saw the pic where you have it on and the color looks so natural. Sort of like a “just-bitten” look. Am I right? Is that really how it looks like when you apply it on? I’m looking for a lipstick that has a natural hue. Not much of a fan of those that paints an entirely different color on your lips.

And oh, my friend is asking about this blemish mark corrector thing that Avon has. Can you give me it’s real name? Hope I get a reply. Thank you and God bless!

How the Moisture Seduction Lipstick Tangerine Looks Like When Applied

Dear Pie,

For your convenience I took photos of me wearing the Moisture Seduction Lipstick in Tangerine on my upper lip only so as to give you a better comparison of how it looks like when applied on my lips.

Moisture Seduction Lipstick in Tangerine



Personally, I think the shade from the Moisture Seduction Line that gives that “just bitten” look is the Rose Ribbons, here’s a pic for your guide.

Moisture Seduction Lipstick in Rose Ribbons

Rose Ribbons
Moisture Rich Rose Ribbons

What Avon product is a Blemish Mark Corrector

July last year, Avon launched another addition to their Anew 360 White Line, the Anew 360 White Intensive Correcting Serum .  This is the product is a concentrated essence that promises to reduce dark spots and skin discoloration.  Ms. Lea Salongga endorses this product you should ask her on twitter (she replies to everyone),  how was it for her because I find the product too heavy on me I discontinued use after a week.

To Pie and Nikki, thank you for your questions and trust that I can be of help.    For those who have other inquiries don’t hesitate to ask just click that contact me button, I’m  a click away.

Stay gorgeous everyone!


  1. Author

    if you are not going on the beach or be exposed to the sun more than the usual your daycream is good to go. know that spf levels are not cumultive. the first one you apply is the one that will be in effect.

  2. if using a day cream with SPF, do you still need to apply sun block?

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