GoPro Hero7 Black Specs + Features + Win the GoPro Million Dollar Challenge

GoPro Hero7 million dollar challenge

If you are into filming action shots or do a lot of travel or outdoor and water scene vlogs or videos and want to level up your game, the GoPro Hero7 Black is the best investment.


Here is the specs and features of the latest GoPro Hero7 that action camera that is hard to ignore!


  • Timewarp
  • Superphoto
  • Hypersmooth
  • Livestreaming
  • Voice control

GoPro Hero7 Black review specs featuresGoPro Hero7 Black review specs featuresGoPro Hero7 Black review specs features

GoPro Hero7 is sold at Php24,995.00 at all GoPro dealers in the country such as Camerahaus and Henrys Professional Camera.

GoPro Hero7 million dollar challenge


Hero7 Black Millionaire Challenge

For those who buy the GoPro Hero7 there’s a sweet reward money awaiting you.  Film anything and everything you like, just make sure it is any of the following  engaging, entertaining, amazing or creative!


If your photo is selected, you will get a cut from the 1million dollars. Submit your entry at

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