Why the Electorlux UltimateCare Washing Machine is the Only Washing Machine You Need

Electrolux Fashioncare Season 2

I am very meticulous with my laundry. In fact I don’t want anyone else touching my clothes. I rather was it myself than regret having my clothes ruined because of uncareful washing.

It is heart breaking when your favorite piece of clothing gets ruined and all you have to do is say goodbye.

Recently,  at the launch of the season 2 of Fashioncare campaign by Electronic held at the WhiteSpace in Makati, the latest Electrolux UltimateCare washing machine was showcased to us.  Members of the season 2 fashioncare council , Janice villanueva,  Alina Arenas-Alunan and Rajo  Laurel were there to show us what this magnificent washing machine can do.

Electrolux Fashioncare Season 2

Silk scarves,  knitted items and delicate designer clothes were washed in front of our eyes!  Each laundered separately of course.

After an hour of washing and drying the clothes look really nice even without ironing  and the knit wear did not have a strand of loose string!

I was so excited with this new Electrolux UltimateCare washing machine because

  1. it can wash all type of fabrics but care for it individually like I mentioned above,
  2.  it has a built in dryer,
  3. it is digitally operated
  4. and it is a front load machine that can save tons of water too!

I can tell you so much more but you can just see for yourself.  Electorlux is giving away 25% off on selected front load washing machine and washer and dryer.  Also included is a free stacking kid and installation valued at Php3,049.00 .  This deal is good until September 30,2018 only!


Stay gorgeous everyone!


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