How to Win a Ducati (or a girl) with Old Spice Promo #SpiceUpYourRide

Old Spice #SpiceupYourRide promo

I actually did not know how Old Spice smelled until I asked Marcus if he know what Old Spice is.  He said he uses Fiji scent.  Now I know.

If you want to get a girl I suggest you try Old Spice if you haven’t yet.  If both get an Old Spice to get a chance to win a Ducati.  The girl or the bike,  your choice haha!

Old Spice is giving away a Ducati to one winner who purchased an Old Spice product with the #SpiceUpYourRide promo.  Any product will qualify as long as you have a receipt to prove it was bought.

Old Spice #SpiceUpYourRide promo

No minimum purchase required,  you just need to register your entry at .  Draw will be held. On November 5,2018 and winner will be announced on Old Spice Philippines Facebook Page!


Good luck!

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