I Used Perla for My Stained White Shirt This is What Happened…. #PerlaforMyClothes and Other Uses

This is my first time to use Perla for my clothes more importantly for a badly stained white shirt.  Not just an ordinary white shirt but my favorite white shirt. I am very skeptic because I always see Perla as a very mild laundry soap , plus it does not produce as much bubbles or suds compared to other strong laundry soaps.


Like ordinary people I associate suds/bubbles with its ability to clean and remove stains from my clothes.  Before I tell you what happened to this white shirt let me tell you a backstory.. .

Perla,  has been used by our parents parents a long time ago.  Perla has been in the country for almost 70 years and it is a trusted brand we heard about,  not just for laundry but for skin care as well.

In fact my mom used it as a bath soap when she was still single until she and dad got married.



I remember in my grade school days,  we would use Perla for school projects like sculpting,  stamping and even to make snow for our white Christmas tree project.



Get a Perla white a basin , a glass of water and salt. Don’t use too much water we want thick suds.  Make your Perla white bubble by shaking it or scrubbing rigidly on the basin or use a hand blender.  Add salt to make the bubbles last longer. Tada!  Snow for your white Christmas theme!



If you go Google for Perla benefits,  there are tons of videos and clips to prove how Perla worked for their acne problems!


I was also told that Perla can help those with psoriasis and scalp and hair problems!

How can Perla do that?

It is because of all the effective and mild ingredients it has 50% coconut oil and is the only laundry soap that is approved to have the Hypoallergenic label on it!

With all that mildness and effectiveness Perla has , what I am really curious to see is if it can really remove stains. It is a hypoallergenic laundry bar with no detergent and no harsh chemicals and bleach that we all know is effective at removing stains.


So I did the ultimate test.  Stain my favorite white shirt (no rehearsals or trial period)  I put my ordeal on video for documentation purposes. I was really skeptic !

Watch me do it here:

As you can see I was doubtful at first.  I was even tempted to use bleach and another liquid detergent on it because it was really my favortie white shirt.

But it was such a relief to see how effective Perla was in removing the stubborn wine stain with blackberry bits on my white shirt.

I alternately used the Perla Original White and Perla Original Blue to effectively remove the stubborn stain!

I am sold!  I am a believer.

It is also untrue that Perla does not did that much,  it did!

I also love how mild it feels on my hands like I am using that popular mild bathsoap!  I don’t need to put lotion on my hands after soaking it on Perla for about 20 minutes for this experiment .

My white shirt looks really shine and brand new,  it feels soft as well and smells good!


I will definitely use and trust  Perla  more often especially on my delicate and hand washed clothes because I am assured that my clothes will last longer and cleaner coz there’s no harsh chemicals to ruin them #PerlaforMyClothes .

Perla has three variants, Perla Original Blue,  Perla Original White and the latest Perla Papaya which is perfect for those who like to have fairer skin.  Perla Papaya is the grandmother of Kojic soap except this is milder ,no harsh chemicals and really for 70 years trusted household brand.

Perla Hypoallergenic Laundry Soap is available only in the Philippines!

#perlaformyclothes Perla benefits

How about you what is your Perla story?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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