What to find at the Bigger Better Bolder General Nutrition Centers a.k.a. GNC

GNC Philippines products

General Nutrition  Centers (GNC Philippines) has their new owners and the transition included enhancements on their store, wider selection of products and even a door-to-door delivery option!   Isn’t that exciting!

GNC has been in the country since 1994 and is known as the go-to place for premium assortment of health,  wellness and performance products,  including sports nutrition supplements,  weight management supplements, vitamins,   herbs and greens,  wellness,  health and beauty,  food and drink and other general merchandise.

You should use that when I sleep over hahahahaaa

Products include the following:


Fish Oil and Omegas


Weight Management



Sports Nutrition

Mum Baby and Kids

GNC Philippines

They also have this Gold Card they introduced and if you get this card you can get 20% off on all your purchases from the GNC store.


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