10 Marijuana Enthusiasts You Should Know About

Who says that marijuana never helps you accomplish anything? Successful people, famous artists, creative writers, and innovators of our time take the edge off by smoking marijuana every once in a while. That whiff of a glass bong even helps them with the ‘creative process’. So, the next time someone guilt traps you by giving a speech about success and marijuana, you can thank the creative mastermind at SmokeSmith Gear for compiling this list of 10 famous marijuana enthusiasts,

Bill Gates

Let’s start by the best known billionaire/innovator, Bill Gates; an epitome of success. Some say he is so rich that even if he gives $10 to every one of us, he would still comfortably make it to the billionaires list. Even he holds no qualms about marijuana and publicly backed the 2012 referendum about legalizing cannabis. Bill didn’t care about backlash from his fewer conservative peers.

That being said, there are no trusted sources to prove that he smoked weed. However, it is common knowledge that he used LSD till he was in his mid-twenties and voted to legalize weed.

Zayn Malik

The former member of One Direction says that cannabis actually helps him with creativity and eases anxiety. When asked about marijuana, Zayn is quoted to have said that instead of ‘destroying your personality’, marijuana uplifts it. The musician has had his fair share of public backlash when fans saw him with a suspicious looking cigarette in the past.

Zayn doesn’t care and can be seen candidly sharing pictures of himself blowing smoke into the air as he takes a selfie.


There are hundreds of pictures where Rihanna joyously smokes marijuana. Her name also rhymes with it, “Rihanna, MaRihanna, Marijuana”. She doesn’t care about what people have to say about her. Rihanna’s public display of affection towards marijuana has been criticized a lot, but does it matter to her? In 2012 she rolled a perfect blunt on her bodyguard, which was also criticized. Did Rihanna care then? She didn’t.

Lady Gaga

By now you must be noticing a pattern—most smokers are musicians and artists. Individuals we know are on the very fringe of society. This is why we started out with Bill Gates to disqualify such conclusions. Lady Gaga reported that she got so addicted that there was a point where she smoked 15 joints a day. When asked by an interviewer, she simply responded, “I have to be high to be creative.”

Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan is known for his immense contribution to science and space exploration. He was one of the most prolific science gurus of his time. His hit television show, Cosmos has been viewed at least 500 million times around the world. But what you didn’t know about him is his love for cannabis. He is quoted to have said the following powerful words about cannabis, “The illegality of cannabis is outrageous”, he continued, “…there is a ‘religious’ aspect to some highs.”

Now that is some devotion to getting high.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop is the most chill person on the planet who loves marijuana. He even has a venture capital firm that invests in marijuana businesses. He keeps discussing his love for marijuana in his songs such as “Young, Wild and Free”. Snoop admitted on Reddit’s AMA that he smokes 81 blunts a day, 7 days a week! Snoop is so dedicated to marijuana that he has his own line of weed!

Bob Marley

Bob Marley converted to Rastafarianism from Christianity and part of that conversion involved turning to pot. The use of “ganja”, however, is not for recreational purposes and wasn’t a casual thing for Bob. He strongly believed that marijuana opened up a ‘spiritual door’— isn’t that what Carl Sagan said just a few years later?

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has been a prolific user of marijuana and has supported its cause by donning weed-themed outfits and smoking several joints on stage. Although this caused a lot of public outcry and Miley eventually toned it down a little, she didn’t stop smoking pot. She is quoted to have said, “When I smoke weed, I don’t feel sick when I get drunk or that anger rising up.”

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne takes smoking very seriously, almost to an affectionate degree. The rapper always supports marijuana publicly. He has gone to public awareness campaigns and was most recently seen at the Michigan High Times Cannabis Cup where he gave an electrifying performance as plumes of smoke rolled out of his joint.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt has a long and documented history of smoking marijuana, although he doesn’t like his addiction to it. In an Esquire cover story, Pitt discusses that he dropped out of college, only two credits away from graduation, because of his marijuana habit. “All I had to do was write a paper.” Angelia Jolie, however, didn’t take kindly to it and eventually filed a divorce.

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