How To Make A Fashion Statement With Your Unique Style

Sometimes, we want to make a statement with our style. Whether you want to look different, feel more confident or simply change things up, it can be challenging to come up with your own unique style. There are so many fashion fads and trends. Creating your own look can seem like a drag. After all, highly paid fashion designers spend years perfecting their own signature pieces or looks. Fortunately, the average fashionista can also make a statement by embracing her own style. Keep reading to learn how to make a fashion statement that is unique to your style.

Find The Right Fit

Firstly, you need the right fit to make a strong impression. Your body is unique. The fit of a dress or outfit should flatter your figure. With the right fit, the clothing will highlight the best parts of your body. In order to extenuate your figure, you should look more attractive and confident when you find the right fit. Additionally, you can always ask a tailor or seamstress to make adjustments to a piece so that you can have the right fit. When you want to make a lasting impression, a perfectly fitting outfit will give your body a great look that others will notice.

Speak Through Colors

One of the best ways to make a statement is bold colors. Across many different cultures, red is the color that will make you stand out most. However, you can use it when styling your whitesas an accent color too. Depending on your mood, red can signify that you are feeling vibrant, alive and attractive. Alternatively, your fashion look can take on other vibrant colors like yellow and orange. These colors can give you a sense of optimism and energy. Whatever you are feeling, you can express your own unique style through various fashion design colors.

Make It Contrast

When it comes to creating your own style, fashionistas feel the need to match over contrast. To make a bold statement, you can try different combinations in your wardrobe. Mix and match different pieces that go against the norms. Find an old summer top that will contrast with your brand new professional pants. While going through your close, take the time to throw together different combinations that you wouldn’t normally try. When you find a contrast that looks good to you, wear it confidently. This will make you stand out and express your own fashion trend.

Embrace Branded Fashion

Moreover, branded pieces can speak to your style. Some companies purposefully design a fashion look based around their logo. If you are a supporter of a specific brand or designers, wearing their prints could say a lot about what you have to say. Of course, you could always create your own patterns and prints. If you want to learn about creating your own fashion trends, there are Project Fashion summer camps that emphasize the importance of branding and design to create a unique style. By wearing your own signature logo, you can start branding an entirely new lifestyle. This would be a great way to make a unique statement with your fashion sense.

Wear Geek-Chic Glasses

Whether you need prescriptions or not, glasses are a bold way to make a fashion statement. You can buy many types of glasses online to add to your fashion looks. In fact, there are so many brands available, you can wear a different pair every day. You can change up your glasses from professional to trendy. Depending on how you are feeling that day, your eye glasses can complete your look. Show off your personality by incorporating different eye glass colors and shapes into your overall style.

Expressing your unique style makes fashion exciting. Using these tactics, you can create your own personal look that will also make a statement. You can find the right fit that flatters the unique attributes of your face or body. Change up your color tones to match how you are feeling. To stand out in any culture, add an accent or bold sample of red. Then, don’t feel the need to match or do everything the same. Contrast your tops, bottoms and styles overall. These work wardrobe combinations can make a statement on their own. More so, try out wearing fashion brands that align with your look or create an entirely new brand of your own. Lastly, put your fashion style together with glasses that make you look unique. These are all bold steps for making a statement with your own style.

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