Creed ll Movie Review — His and Her Opinion

Are we here to prove something to other people,  or to prove something to ourselves?

After six Rocky films between 1976 and 2006, and the 2015’s Creed,  what does the new movie Creed ll showing in cinemas November 28, 2018  has to  offer? 

Should you watch it or forget about it? 

What Marcus Thinks of It?  His POV

Dun dun da duh da dun da na na nah (Rocky Theme song). So, I knew I was going to watch this movie, Creed 2, so figured I should see Creed 1. I went to my local video store and rented it. (Okay, we know that’s not true because video stores don’t really exist anymore, but I did download it.) I watched it. Okay, I only watched the first 25 minutes. It was terrible. Creed 1 was such a stereotypical boxing movie, so I really didn’t want to watch Creed ll. But because a pretty girl wanted me to watch it, I went to see it with her.

I, like every teen in the 80’s, grew up watching the Rocky movies. I wasn’t a huge fan, so I was expecting Creed ll to fall short of the energy Rocky brought to me as a kid.

It starts off with a fight and gets my attention. I find myself ducking and wanting to throw punches while I watch. No, I’m not a boxer, but watching a fight does kind of get my blood flowing. Now I’m kind of getting into this movie. They recap everything you need to know too. So, it didn’t matter I missed Creed 1, but you’re not going to have much of an emotional connection if you have not watched some of the Rocky movies (Rocky II, III and IV).

The fighting was great. It was typical boxing movie fighting. A bit unrealistic because so clean compared to how sloppy real boxing can be, but still a lot of fun to watch. I still felt the big hits. They had a good amount of fighting, as expected in a boxing movie. They had the training stuff, as expected. There was a love story, as expected. No nudity, as desired.

Not much to say. It’s a Rocky movie. It kind of goes the way you expect. The boxer is going through some personal stuff while trying to fight in the ring. The fighter doesn’t always have it easy. The fighter has to find it in himself to train hard to win. There were, of course, a few twists and turns that are not in every boxing movie, so you can’t go into it knowing exactly what will happen…but much of it is the same as every other boxing movie. I was surprised I liked it. I still like the original Rocky movies better.

The Creed 2 movie review

What Earth Thinks of It?  Her POV

I really don’t like boxing movies, never liked Rocky even because it’s just that.  Maybe because I like girly girl stuff or I was made to feel as a girl it was ok not to like those kinds of movie.  But no it wasn’t that I liked wrestling as a kid.  The only boxing match/matches I liked was Manny Pacquiao before he became a senator.

Anyway about male sports action drama movies, I never really liked.Maybe because I think male drama is more melodramatic than female dramas . Maybe men being too mushy or softy kinda emasculate them to me. Or maybe because I never see men being emotional like they are as seen in movies.  But that was then not now.

I was surprised that I applauded at the end of  Creed ll movie .  I believe it was well edited and and well written .  Plus good execution of the actors and actresses . You can empathize over aalot of the main characters like Adonis Creed, Rocky Balboa and Bianca . I even felt sympathy for the “villains” Viktor and Ivan Drago I liked how those two turned out at the end.

There were moments that I almost fell asleep (twice) because of you know the build-up stage where they need to establish the struggle of the lead character.  But it woke me up right away as it gets really interesting and I don’t want to miss a thing.  The movie runs for 2 hours and 8 minutes.

I am glad I went to see the movie, I was actually struggling if I want to see it or not because it’s a “boxing” movie.  It was a good drama movie with nicely shot fight/boxing scenes I felt like I was actually watching a boxing match.  You can take your male buddies/boyfriend/ husband or brother to watch this I think they will enjoy it more.

Movie Info

From Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures and Chartoff Winkler Productions comes Creed II, with Michael B. Jordan, three-time Academy Award nominee Sylvester Stallone, and Tessa Thompson reprising their leading roles in the next chapter of the Adonis Creed story, which follows the young boxer’s life inside and outside of the ring as he deals with newfound fame, family, his father’s legacy, and his continuing quest to become a champion.  

Award-winning filmmaker Steven Caple Jr. (The Land) directs from an original story and screenplay written by

Juel Taylor and Sylvester Stallone, story by Sascha Penn and Cheo Hodari Coker, based on characters created by

Sylvester Stallone. Ryan Coogler, who co-wrote and directed Creed, returns as an executive producer alongside Michael B. Jordan and Guy Riedel. The film is produced by Irwin Winkler, Charles Winkler, William Chartoff, David Winkler, Kevin King-Templeton, and Sylvester Stallone.   

Collaborating with Caple behind-the-scenes is a creative team led by director of photography Kramer Morgenthau (Thor: The Dark World, Game of Thrones); production designer Franco-Giacomo Carbone (The Expendables, Rambo); costume designer Lizz Wolf (A Single Man, Dreamgirls); art director Jesse Rosenthal (Black Panther, Trumbo); fight coordinator Danny Hernandez (Avengers: Infinity War, The Fate of the Furious); technical boxing advisor Robert Sale (Grudge Match, Ali); special effects coordinator Patrick “Squares” White (Baby Driver, Deepwater Horizon); and VFX producer Crystal Dowd (Straight Outta Compton; Pitch Perfect 2).  

In the tradition of previous Creed and Rocky films, rounding out the cast are familiar faces from the sports media and boxing world, including referee Kenny Bayless, ring announcer Michael Buffer, and commentators Max Kellerman,

Jim Lampley and Roy Jones, Jr. Real-life boxing coaches Robert Sale and Patrice “Boogie” Harris work the corners, and Jacob “Stitch” Duran, a legendary cut man in the fight world, returns to his role as “Stitch.”

Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures present a Chartoff Winkler Production, Creed II. The film will be distributed theatrically in the U.S. by MGM, and Warner Bros. Pictures will distribute the film internationally.