Overlord Movie Review – His and Her Opinion

It is a movie produced by J.J. Abrams,  the premise was that it took a classic World War II movie and smashed it into a monster horror film.  Did we like the movie?

Here’s what we have to say.

What Marcus thinks of it? His POV 

I was excited to see a JJ Abrams film, but I didn’t realize that he produced it. He didn’t write it or direct it. He could have had no creative input at all. Maybe he only funded the movie or even just attached his name for a percentage of the profit. I don’t know, but it isn’t a typical JJ Abrams film. Other than his name, I didn’t see anybody I recognized. I also didn’t see any of the trailers for this film, so I didn’t know what to expect, other than some sort of super soldier movie. Well, it really isn’t that kind of movie. I think if I had been prepared for the type of movie it is, I would have enjoyed it more. So, as a kindness, I’ll tell you what type of movie it is. It’s a war/zombie horror movie.
As a war movie, it wasn’t bad. It has a Tarantino Inglorious Bastards kind of feel to it, but not as funny. It opens with some great action and it gets you going. But then it kind of drags on. It takes an hour into the film before we really get into what they advertise the film as. That’s a long time.
It’s a very gory movie. You’re going to get to see a lot of great mutilations. The special effects are top notch. The gunfights look pretty realistic (not that I’ve ever seen a real gunfight). The stunts are pretty good too. It looks like it hurts. The story is actually very straight forward. We pretty much know what’s going to happen before it does. We can blame reviewers for that.
If you like zombie mutilation type movies like Resident Evil, then I think you’ll find something to like in this film. There is slime, blood, broken bones and dangling flesh. No nudity. No sexy evil German scientists. Go for the zombies, stay for the gore.

Overlord movie review

What Earth Thinks of it?  Her POV

I never liked war movies ever.  Armalite, bombs, and all those anihilating weapons , all for what? Conquering?  Destroying everything and then get slaves and then conquer again.  Deaths , life wasted for the pleasure of few?

Overlord was too stressful of a movie for me.  I did not know what to expect except what I have heard that it’s  Hitler era so expect merciless killing and weird things coz it’s a horror flick too.

It definitely is a scary movie. Very gory and graphic. Like how I remember what horror movies I grew up with are. Guts, blood, gore.   But this all happened at the half of the movie. It started really slow like the normal war movies I dislike.  A lot of narration building pace that they could have speed up a little.

Did I like it?  I applaud the effects very very good.  I was glad to see the guy from Agents of Shield theee the only familiar face that I also like his role in the film.

War in the middle and then horror at the end .   Too stressful! 

Overlord movie review

Paramount Pictures presents a Bad Robot Production of Overlord, directed by Julius Avery and starring Jovan Adepo, Wyatt Russell, Pilou Asbæk, Mathilde Ollivier, John Magaro, and Iain de Caestecker. The screenplay is by Billy Ray and Mark L. Smith from a story by Billy Ray. The producers are J.J. Abrams and Lindsey Weber and the executive producers are Jo Burn, Jon Cohen and Cory Bennett Lewis.

Overlord is showing in Theaters November 9th, 2018.“Overlord” has been rated R for strong bloody violence, disturbing images, language, and brief sexual content.

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